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February 14, 2021



“Listening to these words made me feel a bit guilty, like I was staring out my window when my neighbor’s shades had need of being drawn, but I kept looking anyway, with my binoculars.” Marlena Parlance Tweed, Romance International


“They weave tales singular and spooky, in which the twisted irony of Guy De Maupassant meets the droll bawdiness of Honoré de Balzac.” Frank Motowsky, Journal of Academic Discourse


“The authors’ ‘…trail of bread crumbs through the woods is known to lead to damaged goods, bad coffee and a wicked morning after.’ What more could I say?”  Jeri Flaxwood, Eclectic Cuisine Magazine


“Imagine Matthew Arnold strolling Dover Beach barefoot and stepping on broken glass. You can feel the pain. It is artfully sad.” Bogdan Zalesto, Poetry Fortnight


“While these songs are certain to appeal to speakers of English, they comprise such a melodic combination of sounds that the aural impact alone would be deemed beautiful to speakers of any language.” Bud Jordan, Phonics Review

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