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February 14, 2021


[From: BREAKING THE SILENCE, by Goliath & Trench]

“Physics asserts that there are four fundamental forces: electro-magnetism, gravity, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. These gentlemen have made a compelling argument for the existence of a fifth, desire.” Dr. Howard Pollison, National Physics Review


“Stumbling upon this remarkable production was like mistakenly walking in on a stranger’s wake; I couldn’t just turn around and walk out, but felt oddly compelled to stay and pay my respects.” Roberta Jane Fleming, Interior Designs

“Every line is like a maxim from some arcane philosophy I instinctively feel would improve my life if I only had the self-discipline to follow it.” Grace Templeton, The Salt Lake Inquisitor


“They might be trying to catch the wind with a butterfly net, but that makes both the wind and the net no less real.” Alan Fairchild, Intuition Magazine


“They’ve given us folk songs that are philosophical, lucid and relevant; spiritual without being dogmatic in a way established religions fail to be.” Virgil Hirsch, The Princeton Nugget

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