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February 15, 2021


[From: BREAKING THE SILENCE, by Goliath & Trench]

“Pick it up, put it on and go for the good times. Get naked and splash around in it; baptize your lover with it; frolic in it till you’re both comfortably exhausted. I did!” Lance Horgan, The Hedonist


“…smooth and agreeable, like soft cheese; they spread themselves nicely without making any crumbs.” Patricia Ballard, Grandmother’s Cupboard


“These numbers will make you think you’ve pulled back the carpet and discovered all those things you’d hurriedly swept under it and forgotten about when you were getting ready for an unexpected visit from your mother-in-law.” Rachel Siddiqui, Rumour Central


“…as though you’re gazing at the face of the woman lying beneath you, seeing only her sensual gorgeousness, regardless how plain she may look when up and about. It’s the same primal impulse that is responsible for the perpetuation of our species.” Rolf Merkle, The Great Outdoors


“It pulsates with a strong, steady rhythm that evokes a pendulum’s motion, to-and-fro, but without getting boring or snagged on clichés.” Fran Budnick, The Memphis Egyptian

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