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February 6, 2021

LOOSE LEAF DIARY (Wayne Valley Girl)

She is a forward-thinking, goal-oriented, methodical strategist, in both personal and professional endeavors. She uses her intelligence, talent, wit and charm to achieve whatever she sets her mind to, but is easily frustrated by what she perceives as incompetence when people fail to live up to her very high standards, or when they don’t consider  her own concerns to be their top priority.

Her extroverted, energetic attitude and perceptive intuition make her a born leader. She possesses good organizational skills and the ability to assess the talents of those who might help her accomplish whatever task she is addressing. She feels the need to be in control of things, but eventually requires assurance that she can leave a task in competent hands, enabling her to see to other things.

She normally exhibits an upbeat, cheerful attitude and is possessed of an infectious smile. However, when frustrated, she sometimes cannot control her temper. This has often caused problems for her, and she knows it. She is a hard-driven and demanding perfectionist. This can be interpreted as her way to compensate for jealousies and feelings of inferiority and rejection in childhood.

She has the need for frequent social interaction, maintaining and renewing contacts from her past. She has a need for old friends and acquaintances to be aware of her triumphs and accomplishments. She will rationalize inappropriate behavior and justify improprieties. She feels entitled to break the rules whenever her actions provide her with compensation for injustices she feels she’s suffered.

She can be deceptively charming, with an endearing charisma that can be irresistible. Conversely, she can be incredibly rude and disrespectful of others, most especially those who love her most. She can use her intimate knowledge of their weaknesses, shortcomings, insecurities, and vulnerabilities to tear them down in a devastatingly effective way. She isn’t a bad person, just complicated.

She employs projection bias as a defense mechanism with which she attributes to others her own unacceptable or unwanted thoughts and emotions. This reduces her anxiety by allowing the expression of her unwanted or unconscious impulses and desires without letting her ego recognize them as belonging to her. Self-doubt and self-criticism are anathema to her. Denial is her strongest gambit.

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