February 23, 2021

Please comment: what would it take for you to go Vegan?

What will it take, if not pandemics, ethics, or climate change?

What would it take for you to go vegan?

Forget the politics, the arguing. Really.


  1. the danger of pandemics (the awful cost, human, educational and to livelihood),
  2. the un-seeing cruelty to animal and human alike inherent in separating, murdering and torturing for pleasure, and
  3. the direct speeding of climate change in the meat and dairy industries…what would it take?

There’s plenty of arguments we can all have—but beneath the waves, we know that the more we learn, the less even backyard hens and “slow food” (which I love in many ways) and “humane slaughter” and small farming and the regenerative meat theory is helpful.

We can look at the facts and figures, or the hearts and bodies. The conclusion is the same: compassion, and action, are both needed now, and urgently.

What will it take, if not pandemics, ethics, health, or climate change?

Future generations look out of the ether for your response—for their life on this planet depends on your answer.

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Read 9 comments and reply

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