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February 4, 2021


There were things I could have done to make you happy

That didn’t seem important at the time,

Like tending to your needs when you were needy,

But then, I guess, I only thought of mine.


There were words I never spoke that might have mattered.

I’m sure I could’ve been a better friend.

I know I should’ve tried to really listen

And maybe said, “I’m sorry,” now and then.


There were times I could have changed my own behavior

And not have been as stubborn as a stone,

To tolerate those moods that tried my patience.

I’m sure I would if I had only known.


The last time we made love

Would be the last time we made love.

Now you lie in someone else’s arms tonight.

The last time we made love

Would be the last time we made love

And there’s nothing I can change, nothing I can say,

Nothing I can do to set things right.

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