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February 20, 2021

What I am learning about being Positive from my Daughter and discovering.

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.

Clothes or no clothes. I am learning my daughter never sees any difference like others do.  Sadly she will get taught this but for now at 7 she just sees her mom no matter how she looks.  I am learning body positive isn’t about being a look. It is about being ourselves unapologetically no matter how we feel, letting go of the shame and judgment we hold and opening our hearts again to let love back in. I am learning body positive is about we all have the right to a positive image and we should all embrace our bodies so that we are kinder to other people.  I am learning it doesn’t matter if you have a deemed beautiful body or not body, we all struggle with our worth, we all have been told we are not enough. But let me emphasise and say a again this…..We all should embrace our bodies so we are KINDER to others. My daughter is kind to me because she has no body shame yet.  When I struggle with my body image. I am less likely to be kind because I am not kind within.

What I am learning is when we accept ourselves completely we can begin to accept all others too. When we are kind we do not have a need to tell someone to dress differently or shame them for what they share with the world.  Because we know everything to share nothing to prove. We need to learn to be body positive for all without feeling the need to criticise or judge.

When I take my final breath I will not be thinking about my scars and cellulite or if I did not live up to society standards of beauty.  No one will be.

I want people to understand our bodies keep us alive and are a vehicle for life. We need to stop this society driven pedestal a body or shame a body approach. Our bodies are vehicles to our dreams and what is stopping us is our psychology and conditioning and our unkind word and voice. It has never been about a body shape or what someone wears or looks like or we wear or look like.

We need stop quick fixes and start looking at our greatest changes our thoughts, instead of looking outside of us and in the wrong areas. We also need to stop giving social media such harsh criticism because there is also amazing lights shining bright that are helping so many. Incredible humans like @JadeBeallPhotography @Greys @Jessamyn @Turia Piit @NudeYoga @danaemercer @kyliesheaxo and @nudamag and many more who are shining their life for all body positive inclusively with real images and real love.

I want to remind us all self worth is not based on what we see in the mirror.  All women and men should be embraced just like children embrace us until they are conditioned.  But let us stop the conditioning so we do not have to go through the stage or relearning body positive.

When we are happier in ourselves we are more nourished, free in ourselves and kind to the world around us and this is a far more enriching place to change the health for our lives, bodies, world around us and our minds.

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