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March 22, 2021

13 Ways to get More Plastic in your Life.

50% of all plastic on the earth has happened since 2005.

It’s set to triple in volume by 2050.

There’ll be more plastic in the ocean than fish, soon…and billions of humans and millions of jobs depend on fish.

Bonus round: (a credit card’s worth of plastic makes it into our body, now, every week)

“A huge amount of the plastic [like, almost all] is not really recyclable. And that means that it ends up in landfills, or burned, or in the ocean, where it breaks down into micro-plastics, gets eaten by fish, and can end up inside us.”

I’ve covered, and hated, plastic forever. Here’s a round up of some of our videos…enjoy learning more than you ever thought you wanted to know!

Okay! Here we go! Add one in comments, I’ll add it here and credit you.

13 Things Plastic is in that you didn’t ever suspect Plastic is in:

  1. Most blankets. Get 100% wool, or cotton, and ideally secondhand, so cheap! I’m sitting on a beautiful tartan wool blanket I bought for $5 right now.
  2. Most modern rugs and carpets, and the undercarpet, are toxic. Remember plastic dust, too! For undercarpet, you can buy felt! I have about 10 in my house.
  3. Yoga pants. You get hot and sweaty in them–two things you don’t want to do with toxic plastic plus chemicals touching your skin.
  4. The lining of cans (like for food, or dog food, or beer). That plastic is nasty (remember the BPA fear craze? That was sane. But: there’s 18 other kinds of plastic in the lining of cans that could be worse, and is less tested), and makes the cans not easily recyclable.
  5. Most hats. From old-fashioned hats like what I wear, in the winter, to beanies and knit hats…you’re just wearing plastic.
  6. All socks. That stretch? Yup.
  7. Most men’s suits. Most wedding dresses, even.
  8. All long underwear. I can not find a plastic-free alternative, except for wearing some old pjs I bought at an estate sale that tie off with a tie, instead of elastic band.
  9. Cigarette butts. Vaping, too, it awful–you’re kinda burning plastic into your mouth. Yum!
  10. The fish you like to eat.
  11. The water you like to drink.
  12. every time you do the wash, a stream of microplastics washes out of your clothes.
  13. Many, if not most, books are now coated in plastic which is awful for the children reading them, or to a lesser extent the adults reading them, and makes them never compostable (books should not be forever because they’re toxic).

What else?

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