March 13, 2021

From Anxiety Meds to Essential Oils—how I found my way to Inner Peace, Naturally.

Essential oils have changed how I experience my world.

I was in deep conversation with my new friend a couple of years ago, at a small café in town.

We were discussing memories and spiritual awakenings. As an aromatherapist, he explained to me that essential oils act like keys to unlock the hidden potentials in humans; they clear the meridians, also called the rivers of life, of trauma and blockages in the body, mind, and soul.

Just months earlier, I began using essential oils aromatically and topically to help me with nervous feelings and sadness post-divorce, but they also cleared me of the long-term depression I had carried since childhood.

It took about two months to switch from anxiety medication—which was highly addictive—to only using two essential oil blends.

Sometime after, I took part in an event where the hosts were talking about anxiety and essential oils and how they affect the mind and body. They explained in detail how pharmaceuticals work on the mind and body and how essential oils work in comparison.

Pharmaceuticals block the messenger molecules that trigger anxious feelings when they are present in large amounts and the chemical constituents in essential oils either inhibit or activate neurotransmitters, depending on the type of oil you use, but they don’t block them like beta-blockers.

When the messenger molecules are blocked, the synapses lose their ability to process the messenger molecules, meaning they more or less forget how to do it, so the body becomes addicted to the use of the medication. Without it, the mind will get overwhelmed by the number of molecules present when under stress without the medication blocking them.

Chemical constituents of essential oils can assist synapses in the processing of messenger molecules. This is why medication is addictive and essential oils are not. It becomes really difficult to wean yourself off medication, but I found it was much easier with the use of calming essential oils while coming off the anxiety meds.

Essentially, the chemical constituents in plant oils assist the body to do its job better without jeopardizing the body’s and mind’s own ability to heal itself.

My own intuition and inner guidance let me know that in order to heal from anything, one must be in a place of inner peace, so inner peace was the priority for healing to happen.

I began making my inner peace my priority, by disconnecting from people who were unhealthy for me at some level. Then I began making choices for myself that made me feel excited and happy to be alive, like booking a trip to Peru.

The minute I made that decision, I felt joy and bliss wash over me—which I had not felt in decades. I was making choices I felt inspired to make, like continuing on my journey with Reiki and getting my finances sorted out. Anything that helped me feel more at peace is what I made my priority.

It’s like the clutter in your room that makes you feel anxious and out of control. When it’s cleaned and put away, it leaves room for you to think about other more exciting things.

Who can make clear and logical decisions with a mind full of clutter? I bet nobody.

When the mind becomes calm and centered, we have more room to play and have fun; more room to manifest the life we want. We cannot make clear decisions in anxiety mode, because we constantly make choices based on the idea of survival.

It is instinctual and a part of the primitive, reptilian brain. And also through deeply ingrained experiences that turn into a program or beliefs, by repetition.

It’s time to shift and change to a more conscious and aware way of thinking, acting, and responding to life, wouldn’t you agree?

Dare to make the shift from surviving into thriving.

The sense of smell has never fallen from grace; it is the one sense we have that cannot be tricked or manipulated. The chemical constituents of plants reach the brain in less than 10 seconds through the olfactory system and the hypothalamus; your ego has no time to reject it or deny it.

Your brain then sends signals to the rest of your body through the nervous system, which inhibits or slows down the production of stress hormones. This is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to use essential oils to bring you inner peace and allow your mind and body to focus on what is really important.

Inner peace is the most valuable commodity we have, more so than time, because inner peace will give you more time to create the life you really want.

The chemical constituents in essential oils hold the key to unlocking the blocks within the body and mind that have kept us from seeing and feeling with clarity.

It was almost impossible for me to see my future or past with clarity as long as I was experiencing the constant triggers of fight and flight. I couldn’t see what was right in front of me. My nervousness rendered me powerless.

And that is why inner peace should always be our priority. Whatever it takes, my loves.

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