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March 21, 2021

Playfulness can help us listen

I wonder if listening is helped by the spirit of playfulness. When we are filled with this spirit, we are in the present moment. We are light on our feet. We are free from being attached to a certain way of seeing things, more open to exploration including the exploration of other points of view.

Play invites us to listen with the questions such as “what if there is something of value being said?” When the spirit of play is upon us, curiosity is also present, and we are open to the possibility of being informed by new information, open to adjusting or augmenting the constellation of beliefs we carry around with us.

Play isn’t linear, it’s a spiral. It isn’t focus on asking “who is right?” Play enjoys looking at the clouds and seeing formations. Play enjoys looking at the stars and sensing awe and wonder. Play enjoys participating with those who we encounter, and is eager to start from a place of equality with each one. Play isn’t stuck in the world of judgments about who is better or superior and who might be inferior.

The spirit of playfulness brings with her a receptivity that seriousness doesn’t bring. Receiving others as who they are. Receiving those we meet as bearers of a gift, bearers of the gift of who they are.

Play focuses on Being first, not doing, not accomplishment, not rewards or outcomes.

Play is a field that is always ready to say “Yes” to life.

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