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March 21, 2021

How to Undress the Hidden Heart of a Woman who was Broken.

She is flawed, but she will be loved.

Learn about her curves—what shapes them. Explore her scars, flaws, bruises, marks that hold stories of changes and growth and shaped her to be the way she is.

Put yourself inside her to know how she has moved through life. Make her feel good by the way you have touched her soul.

Spark what is felt not only by touch. Feel her softness in her heart and her mind after being hardened by unjust, dark times.

Feel the wetness from her eyes—what made her dry up. See her glow and discover it after all the roughness of life. Finger her hair behind her ears to uncover the lies that have tainted her, to see what has been hiding, to see her realness.

Feel the motion of the obstacles she has faced and opened up in a world that has gone down on her—made her feel raw, left, and forgotten in a deep, dark hole.

Show her that she’s beautiful in her brokenness, not only by what is seen. Make her feel something aside from the pain. Stimulate her mind, body, and soul. Because she broke her heart to become whole again.

Give her kisses to help guide her through the long road of darkness she has endured—steer them toward a light within her that will help her forget about her perils. Leave your mark on her—grip the tightness in her heart and hug it.

Fill her up with even more life than she has found. Heighten the senses she has not known for a while—tempt her to be better than she has become.

Spread the lips on her face, for she has not at times. She has smiled through all the brokenness she endured, all the hurt from what she’s felt, seen, heard, tasted even the absolute nothingness from the numbness that wronged her.

Appreciate the sounds she makes—the way she laughs. Use your tongue to speak sweet nothings such as her worthiness of time, love, and belonging.

Put yourself in her mouth; notice how she speaks eloquently despite everything she’s persevered through. Deeply pleasure her by your presence and gentleness—caress her true self.

Leave her breathless with the way you care. Remind her she is wanted—how her flaws are a part of her and her brokenness makes her whole and strong by piecing herself together one by one.

Treat her body like it’s a temple that held her up—carried her so elegantly—like she’s a goddess. She doesn’t need another man to fix her; she needs a partner to build with—to help put her back together like a puzzle.

Piece by piece, little by little, she will take you in—completely.

Once you’ve undressed her hidden heart, brought her comfort for being in her skin, committed to loving her, helped her finish the rest of her, complimented her.

And loved her completely.

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