March 11, 2021

Why being Single is the New Black.

Being single is a new black (or my way of rocking single).

Hey! If you are reading this, there is a 50 percent chance that you are single. 

It is not just a guess; google it. 

Single-person households have increased fivefold since 1960, from 7 million to 36 million. 

First, let me present to you some common myths about those who live alone:

1. There is something wrong with you. 

This one is quite personal to me. Well, I am wearing my “wrong” proudly like a badge. I am different in a good way, and I appreciate my company. It is always easier for those who live “right” to put others on the “wrong” list, but it doesn’t define you.

2. No one wants you. 

Bullsh*t. Let me tell you a secret: what you seek is seeking you. Often, those who “just can’t be alone” find anyone to be with. Being single is a choice.

Now, let me hit you with my favorite story about evolution. In earlier times, our great-grandparents had challenges in the household. Being a single woman and surviving was mission impossible.

Not to mention the Stone Age, when food had to be hunted. Grouping and sharing tasks were mandatory in order to survive and not die of starvation.

Now, more and more women are earning as much as men can own and fully maintain their lives.

Being in a relationship is just as unnecessary as wisdom teeth.

I have been single for about five years, and of course, there were some ups and downs, but I grew into loving it—step by step. 

I made a list of cool-ass, awesome things I love about being single:

>> My number one favorite (maybe): breakfast. 

I am working from 8 a.m. every workday. So, I can only appreciate my long and lazy breakfast on weekends. And, oh, do I appreciate it! I plan what I am going to make ahead of time, and I always eat in my bed. I call it my weekend ritual.

Trying to imagine a long breakfast with children climbing onto the bed sounds impossible to me. Actually, one of my besties recently told me about her new skill: eating over the sink in two minutes. (I love it.)

>> It is all about home. 

Who said you could only create a nest with another person? I love decorating and pampering my home with flowers, candles, clean sheets, and paintings. I buy myself fresh flowers; I don’t wait for someone else to buy them for me.

>> Bath rituals. 

I love bathing (although I know it is no good for my tan). Either way, once or twice a week, I fill the bath with water and bubbles. Essential ingredients: relaxing music, a good book, a facemask, and few slices of cucumber on the eyes (if you get hungry). Believe me; I’ve tried bathing with men—so uncomfortable!

>> Taking yourself on dates. 

No, really! Just you with you. I love walking on my own. I spend time going to bookstores, museums, coffee shops. A girl who can eat out alone can do anything!

>> Making dinner for friends. 

Inviting the besties over and filling their stomachs with pasta or homemade pizza is really satisfying. Who said that dinner parties are a “couples only” thing?

>> Really important one: learning new things. 

When you are single, you have plenty of time to learn new things—a new language or skill. You can spend time reading, watching documentaries, or joining webinars. Go find your project!

>> Volunteering. 

(This one is new to my list.)

I really do believe that volunteering is not a one-way road. You can find so many benefits when helping others.

>> Create.

This one is more personal, but, really, anyone can learn (or remember, since we all were creative children once) to be creative. Write, sing, paint, do DIY. Find what fits you the best. Find your inner child!

>> Working out. 

Stretch like a cat on the mat. YouTube is filled with home workouts. Do some yoga—you might even learn to do the splits! 

>> Final one, but really major one: get to know and love yourself. 

Stand in front of the mirror and love every single bit of yourself—inside and outside. Write things that you love about yourself and work on things you want to change. You have the power in your palms to do that.

Finally, a special shout-out to Catherine Gray’s “The Unexpected Joy of Being Single.” It’s the holy bible for all singles.

If you are struggling with being single, I hope these help.

If you already love being single, I hope they were a good reminder! 

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