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March 13, 2021

You’re Only As Resilient As Your Heart

When all is said and done, all of your truly meaningful efforts to motivate yourself and others come from love. Fear doesn’t work, nor does greed. So, how do you do it? ???
What a year!
We’re on the upswing, but almost everyone I know has a bit of PTSD. Few of us have been as resilient as we’d like to have been.
And now, as we contemplate what it takes to bounce back, turn our dream machines back on, and forge bravely ahead, most people are getting it ENTIRELY WRONG!
Most people facing stress-induced business issues like high turnover, low morale, increased conflict, lack of engagement, and the like are apt to either adopt a stiff upper lip attitude, punish poor performance, or incentivize better productivity through bonuses, trips, etc.
The fallacy is that these strategies ignore the cause of the problem; like medicating a symptom while leaving the underlying pathology undiagnosed.
Whether you’re trying to reclaim YOUR mojo or that of your team, incentives are not the answer. In fact, if you’re trying to reestablish resiliency, you can ignore every poor performance index, and head straight to the root of the problem.
Global turmoil in its various forms has induced high levels of stress in an unprepared population. That stress produces all the negative business results we’re seeing, and unless the stress is addressed, little will change.
If you want to get yourself and your team in positive, enthusiastic action, you and they need to get bulletproof against the turmoil; to achieve a state that prevents stress from arising.
Those who were bulletproof, prepared to face major challenges this past year, were far less affected by the global turmoil that knocked everyone else over. They rode the tidal wave and likely prospered.
So, what you should be asking yourself is, “What kind of preparation did they do that I didn’t? What made them bulletproof?”
Facing crisis with calm equanimity, the way Superman faces bullets, requires a clear conviction that the bullets of life, the unwanted impositions on ‘business as usual,’ won’t cause destruction.
That’s far different from gritting your teeth and jumping into a fire, unprepared. No amount of stoicism or bravado or toughness will protect someone from bullets if they’re not actually bulletproof.
What will?
The short answer is, LOVE!
Resilient people have learned to love and accept every variation of the norm that they encounter; to waste zero time on lamenting that things aren’t the way they want them to be.
Frustration won’t melt the effects of stress. Nor will fear. Nor will a year end bonus. Loving and accepting the reality of the moment will create a sort of peace and effectiveness that no amount of bribery can accomplish.
If you want to achieve a bulletproof state, to remain positive, peaceful, and productive during times that crush your competitors, and to insure the same from your team, you need to develop a set of skills which you’ve never learned before.
Check out my new offering, The Bulletproof Resilience Workshop. It will teach you and your team the FIVE SPOKES of the resilience wheel, and you’ll come away with strategies to LOVE your way through anything that COMES your way.
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