April 21, 2021

3 Big “Accelerators” for Cheating.

I must admit that there are many unwritten issues when it comes to being cheated on (or cheating on your partner). 

As a guy in a relationship and living in a small city, I have my own perspective, which has almost led to a fire recently. It turns out that a lot of individuals have suffered or experienced such cheating by moving to a big city. 

These may not be the only reasons; however, you can call them “accelerators”:

1. People don’t know “the stuff.”

In small cities, you often come across people from work or from your social circle who definitely know the fact that you are seeing someone. It doesn’t mean that you hide it in bigger cities; it just brings out the fact that people flirt with you less in small towns rather than adventurous megalopolises.

2. You get lost in all the ways.

Small town people know their daily routes, expected people they are going to meet, and the potential accidents. Moreover, we all know that taking risks brings out new opportunities (which are not always good). Living in the megalopolis, you learn new ways, new jobs, and new people in order to stand on your own feet, which sometimes results in a situation that you haven’t necessarily predicted.

3. Nightlife.

Well, people have fun everywhere but in their own ways. Imagine you live in a city that has only two good clubs and approximately five “nice” bars. May sound cozy, right?

In addition, probably you have gone to all of them with your girlfriend or boyfriendWould you call yourself loyal? Well, let me take you to a different city: you want to get a beer among one of the countless bars in the town with your friend…you never know how things might end up.

Monogamy may not work for all people, but it definitely works for some. These city issues may just pressure the loyalty and can turn out as a good exam for some lovers.

So, my advice? Just keep loving each other.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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