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April 7, 2021

Pandemic Lovers, a poem

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.

Pandemic lovers

Thriving in a world of doom and gloom

Defying odds against us

United we soar

Our passion has no limits

Intimacy at every turn

Playing and dancing

Cooking and carving


Too many sleepless nights

Feeling our bodies warmth and breath

Hands caressing a shoulder

Tongues lusciously licking a neck

Nipples softly squeezed

Male anatomy devoured

A ravished punta cana

What will become of us?

Brought together by chance

Or divine intervention of the magical universe?

We are the best of lovers




Prepared to say goodbye

The fox, our spirit animal

Appears as a reminder

Patience is a virtue

One that we must accept

For now we do

Our love is unusual

Hardly spoken in words

Yet it’s tender and feels unconditional

Living in the present

Giving what we can

This holiday we are the hoes on hoes

A catch catching a catch

Cheering to cross the other side

Life feels not lonely

Ordinary or dull

When never saying no

Is how we, CDP and JAM roll

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