April 22, 2021

4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Heart.

It is so popular in springtime to organize and to purge.

Externally, we let go of the things we no longer want or care about. We reframe or reorganize what’s left, then access what is missing and course correct.

While it is easy to do this in regard to what we own, it is a bit less comfortable to apply the same cleanse and refresh to our internal selves. This mindset recalibration and life reset is a state of mind elevation and a state of heart renewal. An important reminder that one without the other imbalances us, while both head and heart together align us.

This quick and meaningful act of reconnecting to yourself will unlock your next business decision and support a more balanced and aligned 360-degree version of yourself.

Begin with a values short list:

Your values change as you do, so a quick check-in and reassessment is critical to grasp what is most important to you at this point in time and at this point in your pandemic experience.

What are your life self-leadership tools? Circle your top five values and infuse them into everything you do in all aspects of your life. Post your values top-five list where you can see it and lead from it each day. Your daily to-do should reflect and echo your list.

Initiate intuition:

Yes, that tiny nagging voice inside your head has a lot to offer you, and the best part is that it has a direct link to your heart! Most of us invest way too much time pushing intuition away, choosing to listen to others rather than to believe in ourselves.

Yet, what if you are actually right?

What if you have the solution you seek?

What if your soul knows best?

What if the choices you have are yours to own?

What if all the “what-ifs” are really “Yes, and what else?”

Dig deeper. Find one intuitive yes in every day and lean into it. This is the intersection of your head and your heart and it is a place of great alignment because it is a place of great trust. Trusting yourself not only allows you to trust others, but it creates an ease and a peacefulness in your choices. When you believe in yourself, you believe.


Instead of a spring clean in your office or across your closets, think instead of a daily edit. At the start of each day, decide what stays and what goes, if only just for this day. You can opt out of social media, or up-level one-on-one calls. You can try something new, or toss out something old.

This is your personal and unique opportunity to reset boundaries and priorities in real time and then to recalculate them as needed the next day, and the next day, and so on. Use this as a power tool to boost decision-making and overall clarity.

Write a self-love letter:

While it may feel silly to write a letter to yourself, do it anyway! The simple act of expressing kindness and grace toward yourself opens the door to awareness, transparency, acceptance, and an overall spike in confidence and self-worth.

Direct your letter to your inner child, to the hidden part of yourself that seeks wonder, creativity, and joy. Forgive. Include. Believe. Grow.


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