April 9, 2021

Stop trying to Spiritually Bypass the Vaccine.

*Warning! Naughty language ahead.

As a working psychic medium, and someone going through the cancer experience, I was recently triggered by a popular youtube/Instagram psychic medium and his “download” on the vaccine.

So, I felt his message needed some psychic clarifying. 

Two points needing to be made into one. “If you get triggered by someone or something it is an opportunity to grow.” I was recently turned on to a fellow psychic medium who posted this quote.

I always laugh at the trigger comment because I think some of us believe it means we are meant to get over the trigger, or lean into the discomfort and eventually believe the point—that somehow the triggered feeling makes us wrong. I disagree. The trigger is intuitive. Sometimes the trigger is based on old bias or old programming, and sometimes the trigger is good fucking sense and or a warning.

And that is where I want to land point two. You will perhaps be triggered by this thought, and that will be bias, old programming, or good fucking sense. And if you are not triggered, yay!

This medium made a video regarding the vaccine that triggered me; his psychic guides told him we are all made from nature, and nature heals, and the universe heals, and so why would we trust this synthetic shot over our own nature.

Let’s look at this idea from a multitude of perspectives:

1. Do we deny a child with leukemia the technology and medicines designed to help save that child’s life, or decide that they need to be more spiritual and nature-y to cure themselves?

2. When your tomato plant is growing a ripe and delightful tomato and you go to pluck it from the vine but discover it has been eaten by nature’s worms, do you leave it on the vine and tell it, “The universe will heal you,” and get nature on it?

3. If you break an arm, do you grab an old tree branch and wrap leaves around the arm and branch to hold it in place and say, dear nature, dear universe, fix my arm?

Fuck no. 

No, to all of this!

When I got the news that I had cancer, I laughed to myself. I laughed at all the spiritual teachers and friends I have met over the years who have passed judgement on people who suffer illnesses like cancer or autoimmune. I laughed at Louise Hay, founder of Hay House, and author of You Can Heal Your Life. I laughed because I knew, in that moment, that all of my self-development and spiritual learnings were made for this moment.

I knew I wasn’t going to heal this with a  vegan diet, or sound heal and mantra the cancer out; I knew there was nothing I had in my spiritual back pocket that I hadn’t already been doing. I ate the food, listened to the sound healing, drank all the spiritual “Kool-Aid,” and still my cells teamed up and had an estrogen party in my uterus and cervix. I knew when they said cancer that only one thing was going to get me out of the bind I was in—if I wanted to remain on planet Earth for as long as I hope to.

I had to surrender to my cause, have the surgery, do the chemo and radiation that goes against everything I believe in from a health perspective, but that I know works because I have friends thriving and getting to do life because they did it. I chose in a moment to go all-in on staying alive for my family no matter what.

I am putting my faith in science, and I am backing that faith up with the science of every holistic healing modality known to women because I am both, and.

Back to the vaccine.

The way I see nature, the universe, and healing is like this:

God, Universe, Source—whatever you choose to call that energy—made doctors, gave us plants to make medicine, offered us higher intelligence in the way of science and medicine.

This pandemic has been hard on all of us. We have all lost something—family members, jobs, businesses—and science found a way for us to get back to the life we love. From the perspective of science and natural healing, we can cure our bodies and prevent our own death with good health, but unless you are sure the people you are hanging out with are doing the same, then you may be endangering someone else’s life.

Having had the COVID-19, I speak from this experience: nine of us got it after having dinner together and to this day, we do not know who had it first. And while it did not kill me or my family and friends, I infected one other person that I know of outside of our pod. I was never worried about me—I was sick to my stomach worried I could have hurt someone else.

I chose to vaccinate, and I am choosing science as well as, for me, in a spiritual sense, it is a decision to be a part of the collective healing.

I am ready to eat out, have parties, do huge, big events, travel on an airplane, leave the country, and basically live the way I want to.

And you get to choose what is best for you. Please do not justify that choice with spiritualism and “natural” healing, because God is in everything—from the lifesaving medicines to the vine ripe tomato with and without the worms.


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Read 9 comments and reply

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