April 21, 2021

The Deficiency that causes both Acne & Fertility Struggles—& the Easy, Natural Fix. {Partner}

This article is written in partnership with Pure Synergy—they’re dedicated to making all-natural nutrition easier, and we’re honored to work with them. ~ ed.


Ever since my classmate, Dennis (yes, I still remember his name), pointed out the hair sprouting from my 10-year-old legs with a cringe face, I’ve been wondering if anything happening in my body has been “normal.”

As women, we travel through our lives in life-bearing capsules, hearing bits and pieces from our friends, our mothers (if we’re lucky), and rarely ever from our health classes what normal really means.

So, we hide in the bathroom stall shielding our freshly popped pimples as teens, we stare at our pee-soaked pregnancy tests on the bathroom floor in our young adulthood, and we gaze into our bathroom mirrors dissecting each line and wrinkle as we approach our Golden Years. We spend a lot of damn time in the bathroom.

Once we understand more about the inner workings of our intricate bodies, we can begin to support them with balance-restoring solutions that’ll kick the stall door down on what we’re supposed to accept as normal—and Pure Synergy is a wellness hub that knows how to guide and empower us throughout all the stages of our mysterious, womanly health journeys.

The Breakout Years: Our Teens

Ah, the hormonal horror. Was there a natural disaster more detrimental than some clogged pores as teens? I cancelled plans. I wore hats (not so helpful when they ransacked my chin). I did anything I could think of to distract from the terrain on my face.

Toothpaste was my mom’s recommended elixir, but zinc would’ve been much more effective. Long before the dermatologist trips and topical creams, that should have been the move. And this was some retroactive news to me from the Pure Synergy experts—they let me know that an all-natural zinc supplement could have been the bridge between me and some missed bowling alley dates.


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Zinc is classified as an essential trace element because it’s necessary for human health but the human body doesn’t store excess zinc—it has to be consumed in our diets. That’s where an all-natural, organic, non GMO supplement can fill in the gaps.

Since the ingredients are made from clean, whole foods, they’re gentle on the stomach lining and can even help with your leaky gut—unlike the cheap stuff you’ll find in aisle 7 of CVS that’ll do a number on your belly.

And skin just scratches the surface of what zinc can do for our health. It also impacts our:

>> Immune health
>> Eye health
>> Digestive health
>> Thyroid health
>> Cognitive health
>> Mental health
>> Reproductive health

Yes—zinc could be the missing link between you and fertility.

Welcome to Womanhood.

Once we’ve sorted through the tampon, pad, and diva cup controversies of our teens—we graduate to adulthood, and our twenties and thirties introduce a whole new suite of WTF moments as women. We’re either dodging pregnancy, figuring out if it’s something we’ll ever want, or actively trying to conceive.

It’s more complex than any of us could have predicted, especially coming from generations of women who were told by society to make it appear as though the stork handed off their bundle of screaming joy with a Mom Manual and enough zip-lock packed sandwiches for the next 22 years.

Once we actually start trying to get pregnant, the “is this normal” voice crescendos to a shriek. How long is this supposed to take? Is that random boob pain an indication that it worked this time? It’s been years…what’s actually going on, here?



According to a study at Pennsylvania State University, zinc deficiency can negatively affect the early stages of egg development, reducing the ability of the egg cells to divide and be fertilized.

Zinc is also imperative to a growing baby’s growth and development as well as maintaining balance in hormone function and ovulation. These fertility benefits aren’t limited to women, either. Men need zinc to support their testosterone production, sperm formation, and even their quality and quantity of sperm. So, as couples, we both need to check our zinc intake throughout our baby-making ventures to ensure their development is strong, safe, and sustainable.

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And just when you start to think you’ve heard it all, your pregnancy acne will rear its ugly whiteheads again. Even though we feel like our bumpiest days are behind us at this phase of life, our zinc-deficient skin will remind us that we’re still swerving on the same road.

My mask-ne will vouch for that one, too. And while we’re waiting for the acne scars to heal…and waiting…and…hold on. Why is this taking so long to heal? The answer lies in your body’s lack of D3.

The Golden Years: We Need a lot more Sun.

When cuts are taking forever to heal, we’re having immune issues, experiencing hair loss, feeling depressed, and utterly exhausted—it means we’re seriously lacking vitamin D3.

And, to let you in on a little secret, we’re all D-ficient.

After over a year of being relegated indoors, we’re feeling the effects of the sun-shaped void in our daily lives. We can see its impact as clearly as a sunny day, but one underlying area to really look out for once our Golden Years come into view is under the surface—in our bones.


Many postmenopausal women take calcium supplements to mitigate bone health issues, but health advocates are raising the important accompaniment of calcium’s missing counterparts: D3 + K2.

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Even though our skeletons regenerate every 7-10 years, they don’t always come back stronger. We need vitamin D to help direct calcium into our bodies, and the lesser-known vitamin K2 has a major role in directing calcium into our bones. Together, D3, K2, and Calcium are an inseparable trifecta of bone strength, and we need all three to function.

In other words, D3 and K2 are the Ron and Hermione to Calcium’s Harry (Potter), and Pure Synergy has extracted both from sustainably sourced algae and non-GMO fermented soy natto, and packed them into one vegan-friendly supplement.

Vegans—this is your moment to shine (literally) with all the luminescent nutrients from highly purified algae. With that, and the synergy-supporting players—vitamin C rich camu camu berries and immune-backing shiitake mushrooms with nourishing green vegetables and sprouts—you’ll get the maximum bone-preserving, skin-brightening, and brain-boosting benefits that you deserve throughout your lifetime.

The best news? The D3+K2 duo and the zinc supplement make up a Dream Team that boosts your mood.

So, ladies, once we start filling in the gaps with the right nutrients while we’re toppling through our teens, wobbling through womanhood, and galloping into our Golden Years, we can feel a whole lot better than normal—we can shine.

Women: It’s time to put yourself, and your Health, First.

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