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May 17, 2021

He is on His Way

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.

He is already on his way my friend, so stop worrying.  Although he has no idea who you are, what you look like, or even where he will find you, he is on his way. Right now he is healing. He is searching and he already knows your heart. He knows your heart is big and warm. He knows you love too hard, too fast and he already loves that about you. He loves that you move mountains for the ones you care about. He knows you want to save all the dogs but can’t because of your allergies. He knows you give way too much and receive too little and he is prepared to love you in the way you silently demand. He already has plans for the rest of your life. He already has plans to hold you and love until your very last day. He already plans to protect that hearts that at times can cause you to hurt in ways you never expected. He already loves the way you laugh too loud and he especially loves the snort right after. He already loves to separate from you at a party so he can find you from across the room and just watch as you light up while you are enjoying time with your friends. He already has that dress you are wearing off in his head and on the floor, and he already loves that not so perfect body of yours. He already knows what you need. He is on his way. He has a few things to clean up in his life so he can be all yours when he finds you. He has a broken heart to mend and a few habits to figure out before he can be all yours forever.

Give him the time he needs to find you. Give him time and while you give him time, take some for yourself and discover who you are. What you like. What makes you happy and what makes you sad. Take time to be alone. Go on that trip your mom always told you take before you find love, before you settle down. Before you can become someone else’s half to make a whole, you have to discover who you are first.  Yes you will travel with him, but go for you right now. He is on his way so don’t worry about a missed opportunity.  Don’t wait for him, he is on his way. He already loves you, he is already yours, but you need to be yours first so you can love him, the way he loves you, entirely.  So go. Live. Laugh. Make memories on your own before you can make memories together. Because when he finds you, you want to be ready.

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