May 19, 2021

Sacred Pleasure: the Erotic Space of Possibility.

I’d like to share an experience I had recently with a woman on a journey of healing and growth.

We’ve been working together for a while, and we’ve gone deep.

It’s time that makes the depth possible, and patience, willingness, and commitment—to ourselves, to our bodies, to our hearts, and to our journey.

The deep experiences do not happen in five minutes; there are no shortcuts to ourselves.

There are no shortcuts to our hearts, to our souls, to understanding, experiencing the power of our sexual energy, our vitality.

We started the experience with Yab Yum breathing, moving in the dance of Kashmiri massage.

We stayed there for a while, breathing, moving, connecting, allowing a stillness, a quietness to settle.

The touch began with a gentle stroke, moving energy through her body, from her head down to her feet, her arms, from her heart through her body, back to the heart, to her throat. Moving the energy so gently, so slowly, letting it build, letting it build, letting it build.

The touch deepened, became stronger.

Then gentle again, moving through her body, spreading the energy continuously.

A stronger touch, a gentle touch, the whole body.

An experience of energy, vitality, sensation, sexual energy, heart energy.

We moved into a yoni massage, building the energy, spreading the energy, the whole body, heart, throat.

Orgasm, orgasmic energy, waves through her entire body—heart open, throat open, palms open, feet open.

Energy moving, waves, deeper through the body, deeper.

Slowly settling, her body quietening.

Coming to stillness.

I held her.

Talking afterward.

We spoke about how different the experience is when it doesn’t become about sex.

In so many erotic situations, it becomes about sex—nothing wrong with that.

When we allow ourselves to go beyond that, we go deeper into the erotic. We begin to understand the energy, the heart, vitality, life, love.

Sex becomes our default go-to in that space.

Beyond that is a beauty of awareness that is sacred. It’s the space where we experience the Divine energy within us.

We know who we are; for a moment, we know the peace, the stillness that allows us to feel the heart of our heart. Life. Vitality. The Fire.

We experience our whole body, our whole body filled with energy—alive and vibrant.

We feel a oneness, an intimacy—with ourselves, with each other, with life.

We come to experience one of the purposes of sexual energy, a pathway to Spirit.

We understand the power of receiving, of surrender. Surrender to our essence, to something deep within us that knows this place, knows that it’s a path to connect.

When we stay in that energy, we can have these experiences.

We also spoke about how pleasure expands, how our perception of pleasure expands, how the body expands into pleasure as our energy opens and flows.

The way she shared it was this.

When she began this journey, and for all of her sexual life, she had an orgasm, a clitoral orgasm and then was done.

As we’ve gone through healing, releasing, becoming freer from the patterning and conditioning, the beliefs around sex and pleasure, her body, heart, and mind have expanded.

The mind into seeing how when we see sex as a goal-oriented experience, we limit the pleasure that we experience, and that an orgasm, one orgasm, may just be the beginning, not the end.

The body softening, opening into deeper states of pleasure and the experience of sexual energy.

For many of us, and for most of lives, our bodies, hearts, and minds are disconnected and separate from each other, creating internal conflict, lack of fulfillment, no inner peace and joy. This impacts on our relationship, all of our relationships, as well as our relationship to life.

What’s so important in much of this is that we see how our sexuality, in all its expressions, is connected to all of our lives. It’s not in a vacuum, not in a box that we take out in narrow circumstances and contexts, use, and then put away again.

Our sexuality is linked to our vitality, to our life force, our creativity, and more.

As we open in all aspects of life, we open to greater pleasure in so many ways.

We open to possibility.

And we see more of the Divine expressed in us in so many ways.

Sacred being, sacred pleasure.


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