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May 2, 2021

The Primordial Meditation Process – Cont.2

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Primordial Meditation is the practice that guides the soul to Oneness, to its true nature and pure essence of being. Absolute Soul directs you within to the freedom of divine love-consciousness.
Divine love-consciousness is beyond the limits of our imagination because it’s not an ordinary or personal love.
Divine love-consciousness is the infinite source of pure being that transcends existence yet is the core of existence itself.
When we merge into this love, everything returns divine. It is from here that we source the potentiality to co-create a life of joy, love and infinite abundance.


The Primordial Meditation Process is founded on a transcendental meditation system in four levels with four internal postures in each. The first four postures are pure expressions of unconditional love that gently but rapidly take the mind beyond the constant chatter of the intellect into the direct experience of love-consciousness. They are extremely powerful yet very simple and easy to learn and use.
There are other meditation practices around the world that attempt to use sounds or languages that have a different effect on the participant. Yet meditative practices from other cultures and languages in particular are sometimes less effective in Western cultures. This is why the relationship with meaning and feeling is so important in the theory of Primordial Meditation, which is so much more than just a meditation practice; it heals the mind, body and soul at the deepest core level of existence. PMP heals subconscious and cellular trauma created from human conditioning and collective (un)consciousness.
PMP directs awareness inwards to observe the mind and inner and outer distractions, and it effortlessly brings the mind within to the source of all thought, the state of pure being or pure consciousness. Thoughts are then gently and skillfully disengaged to experience inner peace. PMP is authentically and naturally guided with no ‘special’ inductions. It is a simple, practical and safe self-administered practice of mindful awareness and relaxation techniques that can be used at any time and any place.
The Primordial Meditation Process brings awareness directly into the experience of love-consciousness every time we meditate. Love-consciousness is the unconditional love within all beings—an experience that keeps expanding when we dive deep within ourselves. It is not strange or ethereal but something very concrete and natural. Love-consciousness is the first felt interpretation and expression experienced by the physical body when it has come into contact with the deep and profound inner peace of our pure inherent primordial being.
By focusing on this experience when using this practice, peace begins to permeate every aspect of our lives. When our inner state no longer depends on the external world around us, we find true freedom, letting go of the need to control or manipulate our surroundings in order to be happy.
Remember, your thoughts and beliefs about who you are, and what you think your life is all about, will create your reality. You can choose a life of conflict and suffering, or eternal peace and infinite love. Primordial Meditation is practiced in silence and is an effortless way to direct awareness deep within to the experience of pure being, pure bliss and pure creative potentiality. Primordial Meditation allows your awareness to drop beneath the stream of thought, accessing the ground of your own silent BEing, the most powerful state of healing through pure awareness: transcendental consciousness.

Copyright, 2021. Robyn Collins – Australia

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