May 17, 2021

Tips to Help you Support a Transgender Child.

Are you a parent to a transgender child? Do you struggle with how to show them you care and support them?

Well, worry no more. In this article, I am going to give you tips that you can use to support a transgender child. We are going to tackle the questions above and so much more, so stick around.

Initial conversation

When your child opens up to you about their condition, you should, first of all, appreciate their courage. Let them know that you will always love them no matter what transpires in their lives.

Remember that the love you give them is not based on their gender identity. The love you show them in that instance will help boost their self-esteem for life. Make sure you tell them that your love for them did not reduce, and do not just show it, but also mean it.

Many parents mess up this conversation and end up scaring their children for life. Since many parents do not have a clue about their children being transgender, they are caught off guard. They end up asking questions like, “could it maybe be a phase? ” or “are they serious?” If you are caught off guard and make this mistake, it is never late to sit down with your kid and have the conversation again. In the second conversation, make sure you correct your mistake and show your support to them.

Many teenagers will try to throw in clues about their condition every now and then. The parent should hence pay attention to their children’s behaviours, this will help minimise the surprise in case they come out.

During the conversation, ask questions about how they feel about their current name and how they would want to be referred to: either he, she, or using different pronouns. Bring up a conversation on the changes to occur at home and in school. Such questions will help you support your child through the transition to transgender life.

You can also opt to bring in medical assistance to avoid Gender Dysphoria. You should, however, discuss all your decisions with your child first. It helps avoid them thinking that you are trying to change them or control them.

If they have not told you yet

Some parents are sharp and will notice that their kid is transgender based on the behavior they portrayed when young. But they can never be sure unless the child decides to tell them. In such a case, the parent should study the child’s expression capability. Some kids tend to come out sooner than others due to their ability to express themselves openly.

You should try and provide a safe environment for the child to express his or her gender issue. But do not try and exert pressure on them. Do not conclude, let the child explore their gender and come out on their own.

More resources

Below are resources to help you in this journey.

  1. PFLAG
  2. Gender Diversity
  3. Gender spectrum


Parents with transgender children get confused when their children come out to them. But if you try following the tips offered in this article, you can handle the situation calmly and in the appropriate manner. Making sure you show your love and support to them.

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