May 26, 2021

When Letting Go is the Only Thing Left To Do.

It’s Time To Let Go

The art of letting go is not something that many of us master—only a few of us actually do it well. And for the rest of us, it is a hard pill to swallow.

What exactly is letting go?

It is leaving behind what weighs us down and stops us from making progress.

It is the dark before finding the light we have always searched for.

It is learning to stand up for ourselves when all we want to do is run.

It is allowing ourselves to breathe when we’re drowning.

When do we know it’s time to let go?

We know when we know.

If we are holding onto something just for the sake of it, be it a relationship, a job, or anything for that matter, sometimes the only way to save ourselves, and restore peace within, is by letting go and letting our heart breathe.

We have to learn to drop our burdens before they weigh us down, or break us into nothing. Ultimately, we should not hold ourselves back from writing our own damn rules, and living by it—because sometimes our heart knows what is best for us.

When something starts to feel so forced or hard on us that it begins to take a toll and pulls us down, it’s probably the sign we need to loosen up, and let go.

This does not mean that we should run for cover at the first sight of trouble, as the things that are meant for us have a way of working out by themselves. That is the very beauty of everything that stays—they just transpire.

When we feel despairingly stuck, there is a good chance that it is time for us to leave things as they are, and walk away. I know it’s easier said than done, and that it may seem like a daunting affair to many.

Who would possibly want to leave behind the time and effort we invested into getting something done, only to leave it high and dry. But remember that no effort that we actually put into something ever goes futile.

There is always a lesson learnt that will help us from making the same mistakes we made in the past. But when we refuse to step down and break free from the vicious cycle that we’re cherishing, we are only setting ourselves up for failure.

When we decide to let go, we are giving ourselves the power to turn our life around, and make space for better things to happen.

It would be practically impossible to lead a life without facing disappointment and rejection. No matter how good we are, or how hard we work, sometimes, things just don’t work out in our favour, and we feel like the door is being shut on us.

If we don’t move past that and knock on another door, chances are that we will never really make a change. By learning to let go of old ventures, we are principally making space for new opportunities to reach us.

We are full of limitless potential and talents. There is nothing that won’t open itself for us, if we try hard enough.

Just because something didn’t end well for us in the past doesn’t mean it won’t ever work out. We just have to be brave enough to bid goodbye to anything and everything that no longer serves our purpose.

Sometimes we become so broken that the only way to piece ourselves back together is by letting go of everything that once defined us. We feel like letting go is the only way to truly save ourselves.

Sometimes the only way to breathe life back to ourselves is by finally releasing all the burden that was probably never ours to carry in the first place. It is time to unsubscribe from any affair that does not bring us peace.


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