June 8, 2021

Beyond Time & Space: The Ultimate Place to Gain Perspective.


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Close your eyes (when you’ve read this sentence), breathe deeply and fully, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, and just imagine, in a way that feels right for you, the words “beyond time and space.”

Beyond time and space.

Beyond time and space.

How do you feel having imagined this?

Did any thoughts, feelings, or sensations come up for you?

Perhaps you felt nothing, which is also fine. There are no rights or wrongs with this sort of stuff.

Take a moment to connect with that experience and just let it be and accept it without judgement.

Just bringing a bit of mindfulness practice into this.

So why am I talking about being beyond time and space?

Apart from currently having the time and space to sit down and write, I recently visited the beyondness beyond time and space.


For a change, I attended a hypnotherapy appointment as the client and not the practitioner. I was hoping that I’d leave my hypnotherapist head somewhere else and enjoy the experience for what it was, and thankfully, I did.

The session was wonderfully relaxing, despite me having taken some of my mind gremlins to sort out, and as is typical during hypnosis, my focus was drawn to particular words and phrases that my unconscious mind clearly felt were necessary for me to look at in some way.

I’m sure that, by now, you can guess the phrase I latched on to. Yes, you’re right! It was, wait for it…“beyond time and space.”

Oh, my goodness! From the mad rush of everyday life, which includes dashing to preparing packed lunches, getting my son to school on time, having done all my social media posts for the day, rushing to my first appointment, wondering if I’ll have time for a lunch break, dashing back for the school run, homework, dinner, study, more work, and evening clients (I could go on, as most of you can relate to), “beyond time and space” seemed so inviting.

In my mind, in this beyondness, beyond time and space, I felt as though I was in an expansive greatness in which there was no gravity and no clocks ticking—just calm acceptance that I was a part of something incredible that was beyond my comprehension.

Yes, I know, it all sounds so new age and woo-woo. I get that. But actually, it doesn’t matter. There are many roads to Rome. The destination was reached. I was calm. I’d left the breakneck, time-restricted, mad-rush of everyday life, and I began to see that I’d let myself push too far beyond my limits. It was time to take greater care of myself—reestablish the balance in my life.

What if time didn’t matter?

What if space or distance weren’t obstacles?

I began to question why there is such little emphasis on more reflective practices and why life is so driven. Of course, I know the answer is that we need to stay afloat. We need food, water, and security. I know we’re living out the modern version of our hunter-gatherer instincts, driven by our biological desire to survive.

Ironically, however, by living in the fast lane, pushing and pushing ourselves to achieve more and more, I wonder if we’re actually putting our foot on the gas and accelerating toward our demise. Is that too dramatic? It could be, but then again, how many of you reading this have reached a point where enough is enough in one or more aspects of your life? How many of you have experienced what we collectively refer to as burnout?

I have.

I’ve dived spectacularly toward rock bottom.

I’ve since picked myself up and made some big life changes, but I still need to keep myself in check. It’s so easy to get swept away along life’s busy and stressful treadmill.

This recent hypnotherapy session was a wake-up call to rebalance the scales again. In reality, I’m still musing about what beyond time and space actually means—that our perceptions are locked into the dual paradigm of time and space is entirely normal. These are the things that keep us grounded in this physical world.

To transcend them, albeit in our minds, however, allows for a deeper awareness that there is possibility beyond the busyness of life.



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