June 28, 2021

How Incorporating Yogic Philosophy & Mindfulness in Parenting is a Game Changer.

When you pause and become present, things look different.

Mindful parents raise mindful children.

When you respond to a tantrum by being present, rather than trying to fix it, the energy shifts. If you make only a tiny change in your response, even just energetically, it can change everything.

When you breathe deeply, you activate the parasympathetic nervous system and feel more relaxed.

When you breathe in nourishment and breathe out what doesn’t serve you, including judgment, frustration, irritation, resentment, and unmet expectations of yourself and your child, everything shifts both physiologically and emotionally.

Changing a situation can be as simple as pausing to take a few deep breaths.

When we create space and compassion, and accept, allow, and validate our feelings, stress dissipates and anxiety and tension lessen.

Being in the headspace of:

“This is what we have today.”

“Everything we feel is allowed.”

This is true for everyone—including you as a parent.

When we resist feelings, they grow stronger.

Accepting and allowing “what is” is the essence of yoga and mindfulness.

When you take the time to get to know yourself better and your children, you learn from each other.

When we are curious and not furious, and when we look for how we are just like them in many ways, we build bridges of understanding.

Even adults have temper tantrums sometimes; they just look different.

Finding balance between effort and ease, rooting and stretching, is foundational in yoga and is key to equanimity and contentment for both children and parents.

In yoga, we set an intention. Choosing to be intentional and to foster feelings of compassion and love is protective. Deliberately creating opportunities for fun and laughing teaches us the value of joy, too.

How do you want to feel as a parent?

When you look back at this time, what will you wish you had done more of and less of?

Listen to yourself and start doing that now.

Ahimsa means “do no harm” in yoga.

Listen to your body and respect your limitations.

Be kind to others and the world.

Don’t negatively judge your kids, yourself, or your parenting.

This makes both parenting and life go much more smoothly.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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