June 24, 2021

Change is on the Horizon: 6 Psychic Tips to Help every Astrological Sign Deal. {Partner}

This article is written in partnership with Keen.com—they’re dedicated to helping us find clarity and insight through psychic guidance. Whether it’s science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ ed.

I’ve been converted into a religious horoscope checker.

I used to zone out of horoscope-related conversations with my friends—but if there’s anything I’ve longed for in the past year, it’s been some reassurance.

Even after I read my daily Taurus forecast, I still feel the need to cross-reference the stars, just to be sure. My mom, a speech therapist who starts her days at 6:00 a.m. (she’s chronically early) gets a text from me most mornings to ask what “number my day is” on a scale of one to ten according to New York’s #1 radio personality, Elvis Duran.

Ultimately I take it all with a grain of salt, but it’s helped me get my fingertips on some predictability in a time that’s been anything but predictable.

And now that the world is buzzing with mask-less folks and lifted restrictions, all I can say is: I’m cautiously optimistic. We keep hearing about “going back to normal” and sure—things are more “normal” than they’ve been—but we’re not who we used to be anymore. And what will this “new me” look like? How will I show up in my relationships when we actually see each other again?

Well this time, I kicked things up a notch to get the North Star guidance I’ve been craving. I wasn’t taking any chances on Google or a radio personality. Instead, I went straight to the starry source—through Keen.com’s psychic advisors.

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Coming off of the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice, and approaching Leo Season, I had some burning questions about what this unique timing means for me, for all of us, and what we can do with this pulsating summer energy around us.

Say this out loud with me: “I am open.”

I had anxious butterflies fluttering in my stomach before my first ever psychic meeting with Certified Psychic Medium and Angel Communicator, Nicole Live the Light.

I was able to send her some of my burning questions ahead of time about what this seemingly promising summer has in store. I went into our meeting with a healthy dose of skepticism, but remained open-minded. Her warm candor put me right at ease, and she immediately hit a few nails directly on their heads.

Aside from the scarily accurate personal reading that touched on my husband’s affinity for North Carolina and how it could be our potential residence in the future from my own personal reading, there were some key takeaways from her spiritual, summer forecast that could give us all insight into this Solstice-fueled leap forward:

>> Get all your sh*t out on the table. This is not a time for ambiguity. If there’s something on your mind—say it. No one has time for keeping the peace anymore. As we all know, biting our tongues ultimately just prolongs the issue, anyway.

>> Pat yourself on the back. We’re on the heels of the Summer Solstice, and this is a time to party. Do you even realize what a marvel it is that you’re here? If you’ve worked especially hard lately, now is the time to relish in your accomplishments and savor the moment—you deserve it.

>> Don’t be a shrinking violet. You deserve to take up space in this world. You’re here for a reason. Step into your confidence, and shine like the Leo Moon. Harness that energy to speak your mind—especially at work. They’ll benefit from your big ideas.

>> Prepare to say some goodbyes. I know we’re looking forward to reunions this summer, but we can also expect many relationships to end. What you needed in the past year isn’t necessarily what you need now, and this is a time when the people who are meant to leave your life, will. It’s okay—according to Nicole Live the Light, it’ll be for the best.

>> Update your Apple care. We’ve been existing on Zoom and FaceTime, but in this new season going forward, the internet will be unreliable. Brace yourself for some technical issues, and maybe use the down time to get some, you know, down time.

Keep in mind, although these nuggets of wisdom are good for the gander—each reading, with each Keen.com psychic advisor will be unique—especially in terms of how my energy resonated with their spiritual sources.

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Ultimately, changes are on the horizon, and everyone in your orbit will be energetically different. The good news from the spirit world is that although this can pose some challenges, the ends will justify the means.

And if that still makes you anxious, just know that our session ended with a little affirmation that allowed me to let out a deep exhale: “I am open.”

I went to Tarot, and (finally) beyond Taurus in my next reading.

You’ll be proud to learn that I expanded my astrological rolodex with the experienced psychic empath, SirCheo.

Before giving me the rundown of each horoscope, he used his wealth of spiritual knowledge to give me my first-ever Tarot reading, and pinpointed a career-oriented ascension ahead that aligned with my recent transition into a new role. Nice, I’ll take it.

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But what about the rest of us? Here’s what SirCheo predicted all the signs under the sun can expect in this buzzing time of opportunities:

Taurus: You’re a star, and now’s the time to share your gifts beyond your usual circle. If you write, publish an article on Elephant Journal. You’ll be super in tune with your emotions, so get out there and spread the love with other people.

Aries: You’re used to taking center stage, but this is a time to sit on the sidelines. With your sometimes hot-headed nature, the mixture of all these energies reuniting will be a lot for you to deal with. Focus on being reflective, and spend time at home.

Gemini: This is your time to shine. You’ll feel enlightened, and you’ll be a step or two ahead of the rest of the pack. Shark Tank, watch out—visionary Geminis should take this time to put new ideas into motion.

Cancer: The sun will be in Cancer this summer, so this is a time for you to celebrate your sign’s solar return. Get yourself a bonfire on the beach, grab your friends, and live it up. You’ll benefit from being near water and fire, and you’ll be the life of the party.

Leo: Now is the time to finish that project you started way back at the beginning of 2020 but needed to set aside because, well, the world has been holding its breath. The forces within you will be ignited, and you’ll have the momentum you’ll need to really get sh*t done, especially when your season kicks off in July.

Virgo: Retrograde has been rough—especially for you, dear Virgo. You’ve been a bit of a recluse, but now is the time to come out of your shell and get back to being that phenomenal friend and support system that you love to be for the people in your life.

Libra: Are you ready to be the Buddha of your group? Now is the time to take on the peacemaker role. Feed off of the celebratory energy in the air, and you might just get credit for all the good vibes people feel when they’re around you.

Scorpio: Are you breaking out your yearbook? That’s because you’re feeling sentimental, and now is the time to reconnect with a long-time friend or childhood BFF. Go get some ice cream and chat about the time you “borrowed” your mom’s car before you had your license.

Sagittarius: You’ve had a strong command on your life and career lately, and now is the time to strive for new heights. You have big dreams, and this optimistic energy around you will give you a lift while you reach for them.

Capricorn: Drop your planner. Put down the calendar. You don’t need to be in control right now. This is a time to stretch your legs and take a step outside of your comfort zone.

Aquarius: You’re only as far away from achieving your goals as your intentions are. Consciously setting out to get what you’ve been looking for starts with affirming your intentions—they’ll accomplish a lot.

Pisces: How are your folks doing? Your grandma? Your grandpa? Chances are, you’ve lost touch with them, and now is the time to reach out. Take them to see a movie or just chat and look at some family photos. They’ll love it, and you’ll feel fulfilled.

If there’s anything I took from my first steps into the spiritual world, it’s that we all have a lot to look forward to, and a lot to be proud of. Let’s exhale, embrace change, and trust in the universe that we’re on track to get exactly where we need to be.

We’re here. We’re optimistic. We’re open.

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