June 14, 2021

Sound Therapy: 8 Cover Songs that pull me out of the Gloomies.

“We have had enough, once and for all, of Hedonism—the gloomy philosophy which says that Pleasure is the only good.” ~ C.S. Lewis

I’ve long agreed with the idea that it’s okay (helpful, even) to feel the sadness of life, but to not let it take over your life.

The thing is, some of us get stuck in it from time to time.

So, when the general blahs don’t seem to want to go away, there are a few things I do to support myself.

The first is to just recognize where I’m at. It might take me a little while to realize I’ve even been in a funk at all, let alone for longer than is normal (for me). This happens especially when we get busy living life like it’s a to-do list. As a single mama, this was my default mode and it’s only been in the last few years I’ve made it a priority to pause. (This might also have something to do with my children now being self-sufficient men instead of boys.)

The second is to engage in some remedies that I’ve learned are my “medicine” for these low periods: I bake banana bread. I mess around with my plants (inside or out, depending on the season). I get my butt outside into whatever little pocket of nature I can find that’s close by. I clean my house—this is more effective than you realize! I get up earlier than usual to prep my day with intention, to inject extra little bits of goodness: a special morning coffee, setting up my workspace somewhere new, pre-making some indulgent snacks for the day, sending little love notes to my best friends. I intentionally turn a normal day into something just a little more magical.

And, of course, there’s almost always music. I don’t know what it is about music, but it’s a tried-and-true mood-booster for me. And nothing pulls me out of the gloomies more than when someone makes a really good cover of an already good song.

Here are a few of my faves:

1. Outcast’s “Hey Ya” covered by Obadiah Parker:

2. Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in the Cradle” covered by Mike Massé and Jeff Hall:

3. Coldplay’s “The Scientist” covered by Willie Nelson:

4. Elton John’s “Your Song” covered by Chase & Seirra Eagleson:

5. Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” covered by Miley Cyrus:

6. Queen’s “We Will Rock You” covered by In This Moment with Lzzy Hale and Taylor Momsen:

7. Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” covered by Weezer:

8. Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’” covered by John Mayer:

Share your favorite covers in the comments!

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Read 9 comments and reply

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