July 11, 2021

Gentle Healing Reminders We All Need.


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“To heal is to touch with love, that which we previously touched with fear.” ~ Stephen Levine


Healing is everything but linear.

It’s a long road filled with bumps and cracks that show up when we least expect them to.

We fall, we get hurt, we cry, feel angry, lost, confused, and sometimes, don’t feel like getting back on that road at all.

Until the confusion, anguish, anger, hurt, and pain begin to subside and we begin to breathe again—and then we look back on how far we’ve come.

We look at the bumps we’ve overcome and all the pain and anguish that we’ve left behind and we marvel at what we’ve achieved and created for ourselves—that which seemed impossible when we first decided to get on this road and take this journey.

And then we look ahead and realise that even though we have miles to go before we feel settled within ourselves, the bumps and the cracks are worth it.

Every time we encounter a bump on that road, it reminds us of what we need to heal within ourselves to continue our journey forward, and every time we heal, a part of us becomes whole again.

And on this journey, on this road, there are some reminders that help us to navigate our way more smoothly. These reminders are like the cool breeze on a hot day, sunshine on a rainy day, or at times a beautiful flower that catches our eye, an exotic bird that decides to drop in to say hi!

While we engross ourselves in this pursuit of picking up our broken, disconnected parts and putting them together in ways to form a new whole, we must remind ourselves that :

Each one of us is on a different journey, on a different road. We all have our own bumps to encounter, our hurts to feel and release. We all have our own lessons to learn. 

Often we get trapped in comparing our lives to others. Therefore, neglecting and discrediting our own life circumstances, paradigms, skills, resources, and opportunities. We are all unique. It’s only when we remove the focus from outside to within, can we truly heal. Change is always inside-out and happens when we are ready for it. We reach a state of readiness when we shift the focus within.

Healing takes time, and sometimes, lots of it! Maybe then, our lesson is to just learn how to allow ourselves to heal. It takes time, patience, and courage.

It’s not about finding short-term solutions or quick fixes. It’s about transforming from the ground up or from the very core of our being. The core, which is the storehouse of our fundamental beliefs about who we are. It’s about creating a paradigm shift. Once the core is transformed, life begins to flow through us and we learn to flow with life. We become like water.

It’s okay if we go through “not-so-brave” days or feel overwhelmed, down, and out. It’s okay to feel tired.

After all, healing requires our entire being to do the work—every cell of the body works to help us be more aligned to ourselves, every breathing moment of the day. And it’s only human to get tired. Isn’t it?

We need to remind ourselves to be kind, gentle, and compassionate to ourselves when acknowledging our pain.

We need to hold ourselves with the tenderness with which we would hold a crying, bawling infant.

Our adult self is made up of so many wounded inner children; we need to make room for all of them and hug them every so tightly so that all their pain and fear just melts away.

But, most importantly, we need to allow ourselves to heal.

To heal ourselves is to set ourselves free from all the pain that is demanding to be released so that its release can let the lessons take their space within us.

“Be brave enough to heal yourself, even when it hurts.” ~ Biana Sparacino


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Read 32 comments and reply

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