July 17, 2021

326 Words that will Remind you of the Magic of Life.

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I just found three old poems from 2009 in my email, in a folder titled “Poems.”

I don’t recall them really, so it’s as if I’m reading someone else’s words and writings. But I can vaguely tell they are from me. It’s as if a different version of me wrote these words, and I guess, in a way, I was a different person back then.

I hope you enjoy these three poems on the power and magic that simple words can have.

Who I Am.

Ink flows like a river,

carried from my mind

expressing emotions, feelings

perhaps for eternity

perhaps just a moment

words and thoughts

thrown carelessly away

Though they are the lifeblood

of my soul, my being

Discarding writing, however small,

is akin to throwing away

a piece of who you are.



Every word you write comes to life

upon the page, words take flight

every thought you have is real

the one thing you claim your own

every dream you have or make

comes true only through you

everything you say or do

however great or small

has an impact on us all

everyone we meet

leaves an imprint on our soul

the magic of life

leaves its imprint on my soul.


The Magical Life.

The words on the pages of any old book,

the morning sky aflame with colours fantastic

the soft, solid touch of a hand, held in yours

a long, gentle gaze, a swift loving look

the melody of raindrops from a tree branch to the ground

the still, austere silence of snow all around

there is magic everywhere to be found

in the crisp, clear sound of a babbling brook

in the fresh scent of autumn, or spring on a breeze

and in the subtle rhythm of breath in and out

a burst of lively laughter, even the twinkling of tears

life has magic in it, if you only look

with your heart and your eyes wide open.


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Read 24 comments and reply

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