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July 30, 2021

Why Bands Should Start With Cover Songs

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The most widely accepted reason for new bands to perform cover sings is to help them gain attention from people in their local community. Everyone loves cover songs because it provides another opportunity for them to hear their favorite songs in a live setting. This is especially true when the original band is no longer available to perform live concerts. Additionally, here are a few more ways that performing cover songs can help your up-and-coming band.

Evaluate Performances

The benefit of performing a cover song is that everyone in your band knows exactly how the song should sound. This makes it easier to measure each player’s performance. When the song doesn’t sound right, you’ll be able to determine which player needs help in mastering their instrument. This is also a useful method of trying out potential new band members. If they can’t keep up with a cover song, you shouldn’t expect them to perform your original works any better.

Emulate Your Idols

If you admire a particular artist, you can compare your talent to them by playing one of their songs with your own band. You can use this as a way of measuring your abilities to those of your idol. While it’s not always a good idea to compare yourself to others, this is an opportunity to match your idol’s skills. When your band can perfectly cover a song from your idol, you’ll feel as though you’ve achieved something special.

Create Something Unique

While you can play a cover to match the original sound perfectly, you don’t have to be so rigid in your rendition. You can change the notes a little, add a guitar or drum solo, or let the singer experiment with the way they sing the lyrics. The result can be a unique sound that still pays homage to the original artist or band. When you play your version of the song live, you may even find that your audience enjoys the changes you’ve made in making the song your own.

Finally, you’ll create a great sound when you use the music created by your own favorite performers. This is an opportunity to help your band get into a good playing mindset before you start playing your own music. As a result, your original songs will also sound great when you perform them live.

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