August 20, 2021

12 Inspiring Ways to Reconnect with your Femininity.


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When I sat down to write this article I thought to myself, “How can I make it fun to write this?”

I mean, I love writing, playing with words, sharing my thoughts, expressing myself through the written word, and researching information and the science behind it all. So having fun writing this article shouldn’t be that difficult for me, right?

But there is another side to this, and that is the illusion of perfectionism.

When I first started this article, I wanted it to be amazing, with lots of value for you, my dear reader, but I just wanted it to be perfect so no one could put a finger on it. So I started reading other people’s articles on the same topic and got discouraged as they sounded so great and professionally written.

I started the game of comparison, which usually gets us nowhere. And writing this article lost all its fun. Do you relate to any of this so far? If you are a woman, I am pretty sure some of it would resonate with you.

So how does this relate to women having more fun and reconnecting with their femininity?

It has everything to do with it.

We are raised to be nice, well-behaved girls, to fit in, and value other people’s needs before our own—to be perfect.

Basically, most of us have learned to forget ourselves and our ability to recognize our own needs, desires, values, and limits. We have disconnected from our body, which results in us not listening to the impulses and signals it sends us. We can end up overhearing important signals and yet be completely depleted, stressed, or sick. Most of us have the disease to please others; I even heard Oprah expressing having this challenge.

Many women work in male-dominated industries. Many, if not all, of the creative industries are dominated by men or in the masculine way, which has been socially reinforced and accepted for centuries.

With the masculine way, I refer to the stereotypical definition: achievements, success measured by status within work and financially, toughness, muscles…it’s all material and measurable.

But I think it is important to remember that these characteristics are also a social construct—a narrative taught to men when they were young boys. Remember, feminism is to establish and achieve the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes.

The writer, Rebecca Abrams, believes the social norms leave little space for women to play, compared to men.

When it comes to female power, it is another story. I shouldn’t even have to explain it; it should be pretty obvious. We can create a human being inside our body while living life at the same time. We can push it out through a small hole in our body, which magically expands because the body just knows how and when to do that.

If that isn’t powerful, I don’t know what is!

Despite everything, the stereotype of femininity has for a long time been equaled to weakness, fragility, and emotionalism. But times are changing, and we are starting to see the power of the feminine. Brené Brown has contributed in this area through her books by describing vulnerability as bravery and strength.

It’s a sure thing that a lot has changed, but there is still a long way for the masculine and feminine to coexist in a healthy and balanced way that values the intrinsic qualities of the two genders.

If you work in an industry where success and status are greatly valued, it can be challenging to stay connected with your body and femininity. It usually happens with long work hours, often sitting still and focused for a long time, using your capacity from the neck up, being productive, tight deadlines, and a powerplay that can lead to stress. We basically cut all connection to the amazing powers that lie below the neckline.

All these challenges can fill our minds with worrying thoughts and negative beliefs about ourselves. Our whole body tenses up, and this can affect our decision-making, so we tend to make decisions based on fear rather than love.

If we aren’t in contact with our bodies on a daily basis, we simply lose connection with our deeper instinctual knowledge and our inner voice; this can make us feel stressed, exhausted, drained, depressed, rigid, and closed. No woman can use her full potential and be creatively free while feeling like that, and for sure, she wouldn’t be that fun to be around.

When I finally decided to let go of how everyone else wrote their articles, writing it in the “right” way, and making it perfect, I finally got into the flow and had fun with it!

I let go and just did it in my own way.

So now, we want to feel good, right?

When we feel good, we can enjoy your life and be good with others and the planet. I hope I can inspire you to do just that.

We, as women, have a special power of deep intuition and knowledge that we can’t deny when we first begin to get back in touch with it. It’s like opening a secret treasure, and when you see and feel the magic and beauty, you just want more.

I remember once when I was teaching a movement class, a woman came up to me after class and said, “It was so great to move my hips and be reminded that I am a woman.”

It shows the power of what just one movement class can do: reminding you that you are a woman, wow!

It’s in the way she moves, like powerful waves flowing softly through the street.

It’s in her gentle yet mysterious smile that lights up her whole face.

It’s her divine energy that beams with love from the center of her heart.

It’s the way she comforts with ease and compassion.

It’s in her playful way of being a woman.

When women have more fun by being playful, they enhance their ability to think differently, be curious, more efficient, more imaginative, to let go of perfectionism, to be brave, be spontaneous, to take risks, and to have social skills.

This leads to great health benefits.

Here are 12 inspiring ways you can reconnect with your femininity and have more fun:

>> Buy yourself fresh flowers. Yes, it sounds simple. But how often do you actually do that? And don’t forget to smell them. The female energy is all about sensing, so try to practice it with flowers: look at them, feel them with your fingers, run them over your face, and experience the flowers.

>> Take a foot bath. Be creative with it! Essential oils, bubbles, flower petals, a nice cup of tea, and music.

>> Have more fun. Life really isn’t that serious. It’s just an experience, and we choose how to react to it. Again, be creative. What is fun for you? What makes you laugh? What inspires you? Try out new things, explore, discover, be curious! Loosen up and enjoy the moment.

>> Get out and be present in nature and by the sea. You can use all your senses in there.

>> Do nothing for a whole day. Just watch the clouds go by.

>> Do some breathing exercises. Connecting with your breath daily is key!

>> Move. Don’t run or go to the gym. Dance. Put on some music and dance with your hips, booty, and pelvic floor. Make circular movements; it ignites your feminine energy. You can find great playlists on my Spotify here.

>> Be slow, take your time, and lean back physically and mentally. Schedule your calendar so you know you have a good time for everything. Rushing is not existing from now on.

>> Practice trust: trusting yourself and the timing of your life. Learn to love the universe you live in. You can do this by praying to a higher power, to the universe, to whatever or whomever you believe in. For example, say this mantra.

>> Practice releasing control. Let go and acknowledge that your fear is an illusion anyway and it doesn’t work or make you feel good. You can plan, create, take action, and hope, but you cannot control a thing. It’s a waste of good time and energy. The antidote to control is…fun!

>> Make time to do something for yourself. Make sure to create time during the week to do something nice that feels good to you—that lifts you up and nourishes you. Find something that has nothing to do with being productive and everything to do with feeling good.

>> Create a daily or at least weekly love ritual with yourself. Write yourself a love poem or letter. Write loving sentences about yourself in your journal, cook lovely food, go for a walk in your favorite area, and spend time with your best friend.

Give yourself the gift of living a life that feels good instead of a life that looks good.
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