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August 29, 2021

5 Artisan Chocolates That Are Worth a Taste

Photo by Vie Studio on Pexels.

Pre-pandemic I probably touched a piece of chocolate only once or twice a year.  But when we all needed to get creative about keeping up our human connections, my two friends and I did it over chocolate.  We bought a box of the same artisan chocolate and every day we got on the phone and tried the same piece.  We savored. We discussed. Sometimes we indulged in a second piece. Some days we talked only about the chocolate and other days the conversation lasted for an hour. It was an amazing way to keep connected.

When the first box was done we ordered another and another.  My daughter loved the idea and soon she was in on the daily chocolate tasting.

In a year I went from a bi-annual Hersehy’s kiss to a daily taste of some of the world’s most amazing chocolate and I became a passionate lover of good chocolates.

1. Luxx

I discovered Luxx at a local farmers market and she set off our chocolate journey.  The beauty of her chocolates is second to none and her flavor combinations are still my favorite of any box of chocolates I have eaten over the past year.  Her chocolate is perfect and is complemented, not overwhelmed, by the unusual fillings she uses.  Her ability to create flavors that are both bold and subtle at the same time utterly astounds me.  And she changes her chocolates seasonally so I am always excited that I get to try something new from Luxx.

2. Christopher Elbow

These could be the most beautiful chocolate you will ever lay eyes on.  They are beautifully colored works of chocolate art.  And the insides are equal to the outsides with exciting flavors that only a true artist would dream of.

3. Bon Bon Bon

Bon Bon Bon was a super fun experience because you get to build your own box!  You get to choose from ridiculously whimsical flavors like creme brule, killer cereal, and sticky bon.   These are super sweet and half a bon bon was more than enough so they are perfect to share with a friend!

4. Vosges

If chocolate could get Michelin stars, I think Vosges would get 3.  These chocolates are made with the best of everything.  The chocolate, fruit, and spices are curated and combined with such care and it shows.  I also love that there is a little book that tells the story of the creation of the particular flavor!

5. Garcia Nevett

This small chocolate maker out of Miami really makes the chocolate the star.  The fillings are simple and subtle and really highlight the pure Venezuelan chocolate used in each flavor.

Pick your favorite and get tasting!

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