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August 31, 2021

5 Things Every Tourist Must Do in Austin, Texas

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.

Can one truly say they’ve been to Austin, Texas, without indulging in a few tourist attractions? After all, a lot of the draw of Texas lies in the glitz of the cowboy boots, line dancing, rodeos and good ol’ country fun. While some of the locals may roll their eyes at these activities once the initial attraction wore off, it is still enough to draw in thousands of tourists each year. Take a look at some of the activities every tourist must do in Austin, Texas, below.

1. Indulge in a Night of Dancing

You can’t come to Austin, Texas, and not take part in the local dance scene. Downtown Austin offers a plethora of bars with live music, where patrons can kick the dust off their cowboy boots and take their partner on the dance floor to practice the Texas Two-Step. This will make for a great night out on the town, giving you tales to tell the folks back home. You’ll be sure to meet some friendly locals throughout town, as this is an activity enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike.

2. Shop on South Congress

It is only natural that you spend some time shopping during your time in Austin. South Congress is known for its wide array of unique shops and murals, making it a great photo destination as well. You can spend a few hours browsing through the shops in the area and select a hip restaurant to eat at before heading back to trek down more streetways. While South Congress isn’t in the main downtown area of the city, it is a nearby neighborhood that should definitely be explored.

3. Watch the Bats Fly

You might be a bit weirded out by the prospect of watching bats fly during your vacation. However, when in Austin, you must take advantage of this unique opportunity to see over one million bats fly out from underneath the South Congress Bridge and into the sky. This is a nightly occurrence, one that has drawn in hundreds of people to line up at the bridge each night to watch. While the bats don’t exactly fly out right underneath your nose, it is still cool to see them fly away in the distance.

4. Visit Barton Springs Municipal Pool

Throw out any preconceived ideas of what a pool looks like and instead head to Barton Springs Municipal Pool for a reimagined take on what a pool is. This public swimming pool is actually fed by a natural spring, giving locals a taste of nature right within their city. If you’re visiting during the summer, this is a great way to spend a hot afternoon before an evening downtown.

5. Shop at Allens Boots

Lastly, shopping at Allens Boots will be a tempting stop on your trip, but you could end up leaving with one of the most impressive souvenirs you’ll ever purchase in your lifetime. This eccentric shop sells none other than cowboy boots – genuine, authentic cowboy boots. While these boots are the prized possessions of the shop, you can also complete your look with a belt, cowboy hat, leather jacket, jeans and other accessories. Even if you don’t intend on buying any of these items, it is still worth the visit just to try on a pair of cowboy boots for a moment.

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