August 6, 2021

A Beautiful Ritual to Let Go of the One you once Loved.


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Letting go of someone our heart loved doesn’t mean simply accepting it ended. It goes deeper than that.

Honoring what we had and the person we were with also means letting go of all the energy that connects us to them. All the love we shared, the magic we experienced, and the promises we once made to each other.

Every time we declare something or say it, we send energy to the universe. And if we said this to someone else, that energy becomes attached to them. We deserve to be a hundred percent free from that person. Why? Because it is the only way both of us can truly move on without carrying the extra weight of someone else’s energy on our shoulders.

I know we weren’t thinking about being with someone else in the beginning, but eventually, that’s what happened. And we should want to show up for this person with our heart and soul clean from previous energies, with a completely blank page that we can both fill up with new magic.

But let’s not delete everything just because it didn’t work out. By honoring what it was, we honor ourselves. We cleanse our souls and dissolve what is too heavy for our hearts to carry.

Every person we meet adds to our life. Yes. Sometimes we win, other times we learn. Either way, I’d rather know sorrow and have adventures than live on stand-by, protecting myself from the lessons that can change my life.

Honor the person you were with and what you had. Take a moment to simply sit down and acknowledge with all your heart and energy what you shared and the love you both gave each other. There is a reason you connected with that person and felt that magic. Accept it—say out loud what it meant to you.

He was the love of my life for these few months. I know it, and I also know he was there for me through some difficult months, and I honor that.

In terms of energy, I read recently that when two hearts have the same openness to love and when both people have the same frequency energy-wise, they attract each other. Even if they live in different parts of the world, they will attract each other and the universe will work its magic. That is how powerful our energies are.

That is how, out of nowhere, you meet people you didn’t even know existed. Both of your energies attract each other, being in the same frequency, longing for similar love. Both hearts are open—and boom! You both meet in a never-accidental cosmic event that crosses your paths.

That red, invisible thread connected both of us for a reason. Maybe to love each other, possibly to learn patience through one another. Or perhaps to add our perspective about life, or to simply be showered with love in the way only we knew how to give it.

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Once we can see with all our heart what that person meant to us, we can genuinely let go. We give back to the universe all that energy we created together. Picture gold, shining energy melting into the universe, going back to the endless sky, and being part of every star you see at night.

I let you go. I don’t want to carry any past into my present. I honor you and I let you go because by releasing this energy, you become free from it and I can also be free.

Write down or think of all the promises and plans you made with each other and then say, “I let go of these promises for you and for me.”

I am not saying you must have candles, but it doesn’t hurt and it makes the moment way more special.

Let’s let go with all our heart, making it gorgeous, and honoring it. I picture the candles’ flame burning the energy and making with it a new life—new energy that can cleanse my soul.

A very special person gifted me meaningful words. Even though they are so private and close to my heart, I will share them with you here, hoping they will give you a new perspective, one worth applying.

His words are pure love. Thank you for this gift.

“A promise to our souls that I will hold through eternity:

I love you so much that I forgive you. I won’t carry this in my heart when this life is over for me. I won’t blame you, and there won’t be new karma that will follow us and make us face another relationship in our next lives so I should work on forgiveness, and neither will you have to.”

When we don’t face our situations or circumstances, they come back to us with a different face and name. We can learn this time the lessons we didn’t before. By both of us acknowledging what we learned from each other and both consciously letting each other be free, we are also stating to the universe that we are moving on from it.

There is no bad karma, we accept it for what it was and it doesn’t need to come back to haunt us.

For your smile, I am grateful. I am grateful for the sparkle in my eyes that was born from my love for you.

Our magical night taught me that distance is impossible for people who don’t believe—who lack magic, but not you.

Our hands touched traveling miles and miles. I felt your warmth, and my heartbeat played a melody with yours on that cold, dark midnight with nothing but an endless sky and my hand in your hand.

Our love, our magical energy, and the beginning of a story. A story that now goes back to the universe. A page in our private book, one that we let go of.

Every word will touch the stars and melt into loving energy that will shine on another lovers’ night.

And when you wonder why a particular star is so bright, know that it has in it our love story that now serves a purpose to shine over another lovers’ hearts.    


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