August 7, 2021

Friday the 13th Fear & Superstitions: A Closer Look.


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Paraskevidekatriaphobia: the fear of Friday the 13th.

Triskaidekaphobia: the fear of the number 13.

Popular hotel chains skip the 13th floor. The ancient Code of Hammurabi omitted a 13th law from its list of legal rules. Some of us avoid using the number in the same way we shudder at 666.


Was it because the Code of Hammurabi left out the 13th law from its written legal codes? No, it was found one of the translators omitted a line of text.

Or perhaps the collective fear transpired in the story of 13 guests attending the Last Supper (including Jesus), then the next day, a Friday, he journeyed to crucifixion? Maybe.

Then there was the book “Friday the Thirteenth,” written by Thomas Lawson in 1907. It’s a story about a stockbroker who deliberately crashed the stock market on Friday the 13th. One year later, in 1908, The New York Times acknowledged the superstitions of Friday the 13th.

Many suspect it may be linked back to Friday 13th in 1307: an attack on the Knights Templar virtually took them out. According to an article by National Geographic, some knights were apprehended on that specific date (but it’s not linked to the superstition).

Regardless, being someone who practices subtle energy medicine, finds the beautiful gift in sharing numerology, and has seen blessings of this day of the week and number combo, I love this day, and I am not alone.

My friend and Ele-colleague Sharon DeNofa shared Friday the 13th is her lucky day. She said, “Something amazing happens to me every, and I mean every Friday the 13th.” She goes on to share a story: 

“I remember my very first Friday the 13th as a child. Everyone in my family was so very superstitious about the day. For example, we had to be very careful about not walking under a ladder, even though there were no ladders anywhere in our house.

As the day moved along, I found money, my best friend gave me her best doll to keep, my mom made my favorite dinner, and we got to go out and get ice cream that night. It was one of my luckiest days ever. And ever since then, every Friday the 13th was my favorite and luckiest day. It’s almost like a holiday for me; I love it so much. It represents magic and possibilities. We only get a few of these days a year, and it feels powerful.”

I agree with Sharon; it is a day packed with manifestation, creation, wins, and much to celebrate. Let’s break this down so we all have a new perspective to celebrate as this coming Friday, the 13th, approaches.


First, we look at the day of the week, Friday.

The name “Friday” is an Old English name meaning “day of Frigg.” The name Frigg is of Scandinavian origin and translates to “love.” Then there is Goddess Frigg, the highest of the goddesses, known as the highest goddess associated with motherhood and marriage.

The day Friday is also associated with the planetary alignment Venus, which is popularly known for beauty and love.

In astrology, Friday is associated with Libra, a fair-minded sign which appreciates harmony and balance, and Taurus, the reliable, patient, and yes, sometimes stubborn bull.

In addition, Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system. If it can melt lead, it’s sure to melt away and transform anything not serving us!

So right out of the gate, we love Fridays! My husband and I chose to get married on a Friday because of the connection to loving beauty.

There is also a general collective feel-good energy surrounding Fridays. Fridays greet a long-awaited weekend and welcome joyful times in the following days.

The Number 13.

Intuitively, the number 13 has a feminine feel to it. Perhaps it’s due to the number being connected to the Divine Feminine Cycle; women have 13 menstrual cycles each year, which is the same number of moon cycles. Moon energy may be dark, but that dark shadow brings massive blessings, like finding the lesson in the pain and deepening intuition in the silent void.

Thirteen is not the only quantity existing in the number itself.

The “1” in 13 represents a new beginning, a fresh start, and a journey into the new. One is a number promoting ambition and drive. It tells us when it’s time to take action and get things done. It represents independence, action, motivation, purpose, and will.

Visually, the shape of the number one can look like the point of entry, a door, a street or path taking us in a new direction, or a building appearing to go higher and higher.

Being the proud angel enthusiast I am, number one in angel numbers is a reminder that our thoughts are manifesting fast (so pay attention), a nudge to stay optimistic, and a prompt to give our fears to the angels (including Friday the 13th superstitions).

In tarot, number one is associated with the magician card, which tells us we get to have what we want, and what we focus on grows!

The “3” in 13: the number three holds the energy of ascension, advantage, creating, connection, all-seeing, cooperation, and reproduction. It represents the sides of the trinity or a triangle: spirit, mind, body/mother, father, child/past; present, future, father-son, holy spirit/thought, feeling, emotion.

Visually, the shape of the number three can look like ovaries and are symbolic of giving life, a labyrinth helping us to make sense of variables. On its side, it can look like half of a pair of glasses that remind us to have the vision to see connections.

Three is a message from our angels reminding us to communicate, speak our truth, make the time for fun and laughter, and create the heart.

In tarot, the number three is associated with the Empress card, which reminds us to give birth, deliver the new, and bring our ideas to fruition.

When we put these numbers together (1+3), it equals four: the backbone to the anatomy of numbers. Four is a grounding and brings structure. It represents stability, endurance, humility, and truth. It relates to the four elements (water, earth, fire, air), the four seasons, and the four directions.

In angel numbers, four reminds us to learn, to study, and reminds us of angelic support all around.

Visually, the number has a cross in it, which could be a reminder to have faith, consider the crossroads, or reflect closely on which way to go.

Looking at all of this information, we can see much goodness energetically connected to Friday and the number 13. Love, beauty, creation, manifesting, and birthing, to name a few.

If Friday the 13th is a snag or the superstition begins to play tricks, we can use these reminders as a reframe.

And if we are still resistant, snagged, triggered, and finding ourselves scrutinizing the superstition, we can ask ourselves the following:

>> Am I at a crossroads?

>> What beauty in my life am I not noticing?

>> Which direction am I to go for my highest good?

>> What do I have the power to change?

>> Am I honoring my intuition?

>> Am I being too rigid, are there areas I can be more fluid?

>> How can I open up to more Divine love, beauty, and intuition to be in the flow?

I would love to hear from you. Is there a reframe this has offered, a different perspective, or another thought? Happy Friday the 13th!

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