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August 22, 2021

It took 48 years to meet my needs, we are friends now.

I met my Needs today.

Freedom had wild hair made of sea kelp. She had worn shoes and carried an old backpack full of Matisse paintings, Golden Buddha’s , and old books. She had butterfly wings. She was headed to Maldives. She pointed at the sky and said.. we have places to go, people to meet.

Intimacy wore nothing.. she softly danced, she was sunshine. She felt the water, she felt the air, she felt everything. She said come closer.. come closer. She smelled like honey and had eyes like the stars.

She had two younger sisters, Movement and Pleasure.

Consistency wore a warm blanket. He was covered in soft moss and smelled like the earth. He said come fall into my chest.. and lay here for awhile. I am safe, I am safe.

Play was Freedoms daughter. She skipped everywhere, she made daisy chains, she drew rainbows and painted on the walls and sang songs and found sand dollars, she spoke to the clouds.

Peace wore all white and glowed like firelight.  She simply said.. “soften”.

They wondered why I had forgotten some of them.

I don’t know I replied, maybe I forgot how important You are.

Maybe I didn’t think I deserved You.

Maybe I didn’t think anyone would come along who could truly meet You.

Maybe I was afraid of being alone.

But where is Love I asked?

And with that, they all merged into one.

I took a deep breath, and I placed my hand on my heart…

“Do you hear us?” my Needs asked.

Yes. I won’t forget you again.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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