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August 19, 2021

Just the Facts FOX; Vaccine Opinions, I mean News.

Gov. Ron DeSantis has made a name for himself within the national Republican Party by spouting science-free statements about Covid-19 and its impact on his state of Florida.”

It would appear he learned from the master. “Mini Trump” as some refer to him, has polished his skills and speaks freely on any subject, whether informed or not. When did we stop fact checking? When did certain politicians start spewing misinformation just because it makes the case for a particular point they are looking to make? When did spouting science-free statements become a good thing?

“The right-wing channel Fox News, whose top personalities have for months assailed the concept of vaccine passports and argued that asking about vaccine status amounts to a major intrusion of privacy, told employees this week that they must disclose their vaccination status to the company.” FOX News employees are required to submit their vaccine status while they serve up heaping servings of doubt. I watched an interview tonight where Sean Hannity says that the vaccine isn’t helping because hospitals are still filling up. Does he think the syringe is filled with magic pixie dust? If he did any research at all, he’d know that his assertions are completely false, fake news as they say in FOXland. It is in fact effective, because the majority of patients are still alive, though most of them are unvaccinated.

FOX news big mouth Sean Hannity was all about saving lives and getting the vaccine on July 19th when he told his listeners he didn’t want anyone else to die from Covid. A quick 3 days later and he was talking out of the other side of his mouth when on July 22nd, he was explaining to viewers why the vaccine is ineffective. When was the last time you heard someone say,” Where did you get that information?” Fact checking is so yesterday. The Morning news show on FOX says you should seek doctor’s advice before getting the vaccine. I’m drawing a blank, what medical school did this morning coffee clutch club attend? It’s incredulous to me that nobody holds anybody accountable, even on a news network.

“Tucker Carlson, has called the idea of vaccine passports the medical equivalent of “Jim Crow” laws. And other Fox News personalities have spent months both trafficking in anti-vaccine rhetoric and assailing the concept of showing proof of vaccination status. But Fox Corporation, the right-wing talk channel’s parent company, has quietly implemented the concept of a vaccine passport as workers slowly return back to the company’s offices.” Independent

Apparently, you can say one thing and do quite another and credibility does not come into question. Maybe on FOX, that’s true. I watch that network occasionally just to hear what “they” are peddling. It’s more entertaining than network news for me. In fact it has many of the same components; paid actors who read scripts. Now if we could just figure out how to dub in some canned laughter! Extra, extra read all about it. This news is on fire!

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