August 8, 2021

Kundalini Awakening: What it is & How to know if We’re Going through It.


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There is a fine line between psychic emergence and psychic emergency.

We are entering into the age of Aquarius, our next planetary cycle, and will see the emergence and rising of consciousness and spirituality on the planet. By now, you have most likely heard the term “waking up”—this is a saying that describes this coming phase of enhanced awareness and remembering of our soul selves and connection to a higher power.

A phase of psychic emergence is one where our intuitive gifts begin to awaken and come online. We may be able to see and sense information that we didn’t have access to before. All of a sudden, we may be able to read another person’s thoughts, predict a phone call, see into someone’s energy body, and communicate with a spirit.

For many new agers, this information is not new, but for those who haven’t been immersed in magical realities and conscious family dynamics, this process of awakening can be disorienting, unfamiliar, and cause all sorts of adverse symptoms to present.

As spirit inhabiting flesh, we each have an energy body and unique soul signature that makes us who we are. Kundalini is a form of life force energy that we each possess. In some individuals, this kundalini lies dormant at the base of the spine until it is triggered to awaken.

Some people can go their entire lives without knowing or sensing that a kundalini experience is influencing their lives. Many things can trigger a kundalini awakening. Sometimes this is a natural and subtle awakening that occurs gently over years, but most often, Kundalini can rise quite suddenly. Trauma, breakups, substance or plant medicine use, a spiritual experience, death and loss, and a phase of rapid transformation can all cause your kundalini to suddenly awaken.

While there are many books and articles now out on the nature of Kundalini, going through a kundalini experience can still be confusing, isolating, and extremely intense. There aren’t many “how-to guides” for navigating awakening experiences, and there isn’t much information on how to handle a psychic emergence that suddenly turns into a psychic emergency or psychotic break.

It is common to experience a psychotic episode during an awakening experience. There are many people who don’t understand or know how to support someone through such an experience. This lack of support and empathy can lead to more isolation, suffering, and loneliness for someone going through this experience. When the kundalini rises in your system, it feels as though it is burning a fire through all your karma, and when this happens all at once, it can be quite painful and disorienting.

There are many dark indicators of kundalini awakening that you can pay attention to:

1. Involuntary shaking or body spasms that are ongoing over a period of hours to months
2. A sudden rush of energy flooding your body
3. Intense waves of trauma resurfacing
4. Agitation and overstimulation
5. Racing thoughts
6. Sleepless nights and nightmares
7. Loss of appetite and weight loss
8. Hearing and seeing things that others might not
9. Colors of the environment get brighter or more dull
10. Spirits begin to enter into your energetic space

Not all Kundalini awakening experiences are difficult; following are some of the more pleasurable experiences that might occur:

1. A direct channel to spirit, god, creator and/or the divine
2. Transcendental experiences
3. A huge influx of life force energy and clarity
4. Life changes for the better
5. Ecstasy, orgasmic currents, and bliss frequencies
6. Ability to talk to spirits
7. You become more magical and manifest easier
9. Miracles happen all around you
10. You remember who you are and why you came to Earth

When kundalini rises, it is an awakening and return to remembrance that is occurring. Your kundalini has to travel from the base of your spine all the way up through your third eye, passing through each chakra and the nadis (gateways) that accompany the energy centers.

Your chakras store information, memories, pain, trauma, and spiritual access codes. As your kundalini hits these energy centers, it can cause a purge of the spiritual information stored there, and if a lot of it is unprocessed, well, you better hang on.

Kundalini purifies your system; it is similar to a flame of energy rising through your body. When it rises, it cleans out anything in its way. It is a common yogic belief that you reach enlightenment when the kundalini serpent current has reached your third eye and cleaned out everything in its path. Any dissonance from your lifetime and anything remaining unresolved from the lives of your ancestors may rise to the surface of your experience for examination and cleansing.

Kundalini is depicted and felt as two serpents of energy rising from the base of the spine, a sort of double helix. The serpent lines weave apart and together in each energy center. There are many practices you can do to awaken your kundalini voluntarily, such as tantra, kundalini, yoga, breathwork, and meditation. It is most common, though, that it will awaken involuntarily through some life experience and happen suddenly and with a strong force.

If you are going through a kundalini awakening, you might feel as though you have no one to talk to, and you might feel that if you do share, the people you are sharing with are not on the same page. If this is happening to you, stop to focus on your breath. Breathing can help to regulate the nervous system, drop us into the present moment, and calm some of the current. If you are having an elongated kundalini experience over many months, you might need to breathe a lot!

Energy and vibrational healing modalities can also be of great support, as they are actually working with the subtle life currents in your body. Getting regular treatments can help regulate you and support you along the way. Toning, sound healing, and salt-water tanks can also be helpful during these times.

If you are feeling overstimulated, it is not recommended that you do more kundalini work but rather let the current moving now vibrate up and through you. If you are shaking, let yourself shake; this is how it is moving density out of the way. You may want to seek spiritual counsel during this time or talk to your local energy healer to see if they can help you navigate your energy body in a way that provides relief.

It can help to avoid loud and chaotic environments and people, as your system may be on over alert and highly sensitive to stimulation. Going on long walks or meditating in nature can be helpful, and you may find a renewed sense of appreciation for our planet during your journey—or hate it, depending on the challenges you are facing during your awakening process.

These things take time, the current will steady at some point, and you will emerge as your next and updated version. You are not alone; this is a common phenomenon, and it may occur more than once in your lifetime.

Sometimes the activation lasts a few moments, and you may get one that lingers for a few months. It’s all a part of your evolution. Not everyone will understand, and it is recommended that you allow yourself to be guided to those who will. Having a trusted guide for your spiritual emergence can be a life-changing experience.

For those of you who dare to go it alone, may the force be with you.



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