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August 10, 2021

The Chakras, Emotional Processing, Toltec Knowledge and Phi: Strengthening the Energy Body for Balance and Sleep.

I am someone who occasionally has trouble falling asleep. The truth is I’ve been like this most of my life. While some people can sleep on a cross-town bus, I lay awake looking at the animals galloping across my pajamas.

I’ve come to realize my heart chakra is integral to the health of my energy body and it’s need for balance and rest.

In my journey to find sleep I’ve become a lucid dreamer. There’s a litany of things I do in order to Astral Project and Lucid Dream. In this short article I’ll discuss my practice with the chakras and the energetic body.

My Crown and Root chakras are fairly open and balanced. My inner chakras however, need attention.

The Sacral chakra, or Vientre Bajo in Mexico, located just beneath the navel represents the color orange, thriving beyond survival and the ability to process emotions and cravings in the body.

For example, the Sacral chakra can become out of balance when as a child a person puts aside their emotions in order to keep the peace in their home. Perhaps this is the child’s assumption.

Regardless, the child who grows into an adult may continue this energetic pattern. Neglecting the heart healing which happens when we consciously process our emotions.

In order to process our emotions we have to pay attention to what’s happening inside of ourselves. Acknowledge any pain, grief or discomfort, release it, allow it to exist and to leave. Then feel the love and openness that follows the release. Even the most acute emotion, if allowed to be released, will pass through the body quickly.

The body is an energetic system. If one chakra is out of balance, it will affect the others eventually.

When a chakra is out of balance it can often be seen in the physical body as posture.

I tend to allow my belly to hang out so I can relax into the strength of my back. This creates a strong curve in my lower back and slouching in my shoulders. Hours spent on the computer exacerbates my slouching as I move my hands forward to type.

This posture has affected my heart energy center or chakra. When I was a teenager I looked like Olive Oil, thin, dark hair and erect. As I’ve gotten older I look more like a Botticelli painting. I prefer my current body, yet balance is key to a thriving life.

We deserve to thrive. Too long most of us have been in survival mode. Moving from one job or relationship to another, looking for the thing that will save us.

The truth is we can save ourselves by healing our energetic body. That means movement and balance.

Most traditions from Buddhism and Hinduism, to Taoist and Toltec agree we have spinning energy centers along our body. These centers need to spin in order allow the energy to flow.

The outer chakras, the Crown and Root, can be easier to spin as we can connect them to the earth and cosmos. If you are intuitive or interested in mysticism you probably have some ability connecting in this way as a conduit.

The Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras can be trickier to move and balance. The great thing about energy is it’s lightness. Once a chakra begins moving faster, it’s easier to maintain the motion until we feel it balancing. Basically the law of Inertia, a thing in motion will stay in motion until stopped.

Some blockages to our chakras are physical posture, negative thought patterns and negative feelings.

Here, the Heart Chakra is vital. The Heart is a cosmic energy center. The universe has a knack for creating energy in waves. Waves of light, waves of sound, waves of gravity, even time has been famously called a wrinkle.

The Heart creates waves of energy through our body we call love or well-being.

If the Heart chakra for whatever reason becomes imbalanced or weak, we will feel it until it finally affects our most basic needs of eating and sleep.

The critical question is how do we balance and move these invisible energy centers in our bodies?

My favorite way is to breathe deeply into the location of the center. For example my Heart Chakra responds very well to breathing.

I imagine my heart energy center as it would appear in it’s form outside my human gaze. I usually use something like a hedron. Being a cosmic center which radiates waves of energy throughout my body, I see the heart as a pink gem formed by many Pythagorean triangles.

Here is where Phi and sacred mathematics comes into the practice. Phi being the Golden Mean or most commonly recurring mathematical pattern in our observable reality is not the half of one, it’s two-thirds of one. It’s non-binary. Phi is a function.

Physical reality is binary. Two halves make one. We must use mathematical law to understand energy as we consider it infinite and we have no tools to deal with infinity.

Practically, we don’t have to understand why Phi mathematically is related to patterns in the universe. We only need a tool to work with the energy.

Ancient shamans of Mexico, according to my teacher Xolotl, use images of animals to represent the characteristics of the chakra. A deer for the Heart chakra, representing courage and grace.

Mandalas, lotus shaped concentric circles were used in Buddhism and Hinduism. I use Phi because Xolotl taught me to work with my chakras in the traditional form of the caracol or shell.

Beginning with the heart, moving outwards in a spiral to the solar plexus, then throat, then lower womb or sacrum, then Third Eye to coccyx or sex, finally to crown.

I’m interested in expanding my Heart chakra. Perhaps through grief, loss, anger or betrayal I have lost some balance in my heart.

Have you ever noticed how well you sleep when you’re falling in love? The only thing that keeps you up is all the sex you’re having.

In a world of ghosting, internet comments and global warming, is it any wonder we may lose balance or motion in our heart chakras?

The engine behind the healing work is our breath. The alchemy of breathing in, transforming our blood, breathing out engaging our will is the physical aspect of self-actualization. We become what we focus on while consciously breathing. The inner silence which follows it creates space and stability for our new self actualized.

I invite you to try this practice. Be curious. Play with the idea of becoming the architect of your own universe.

We may not be able to control when or how we fall in love. We can control our energy body. Perhaps that’s the only thing we can control.

I send you all much love from my Heart chakra to yours. 1.6180339.. times!


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