August 15, 2021

5 Online Yogis who will Inspire you to Create a Daily Practice.

Do you want to create a daily yoga practice even with a super-busy schedule? Then consider free online yoga classes.

For decades, I practiced yoga at a local studio a few times a week, but once I had kids, that practice was no longer a priority. I missed the peace that yoga brought to my mind, body, and soul, and squeezing a trip to the studio just added too much stress.

I bought a few yoga DVDs (yes, I am dating myself) but doing the same routines each day just did not inspire me.

Thankfully, I stumbled upon a yoga class on YouTube and discovered there were so many options out there that I could take a different class each day and not run out for a few lifetimes. But what I love most about online yoga is the flexibility.

I can pick a style based on my mood, from a relaxing yin class during a hard day or a power yoga practice on days when I am more energized. I can select a lengthy class on a lazy Sunday but still squeeze in a 10-minute practice on a rushed morning before a meeting. I can pick from favorite teachers and practice with new ones, from right down the street to across the globe. I can practice before work or before bed.

While I have tried dozens of online yogis, these five are my favorites and will surely inspire you onto your mat each and every day.

1. Yoga with Adriene

While Adriene may now be the most popular online yogi, I have practiced with her from her very start. I have stuck with her for years because she is a master at what she does. Her ability to direct students to adjust themselves using just her voice is a gift, and her desire to create practices that honor students’ minds, bodies, and souls is significantly special. On top of being an exceptional yoga teacher, she is a beautiful and humble human with a kindness and sense of humor that brighten your every practice.

2. Boho Beautiful Yoga

Juliana creates beautiful yoga practices in the most breathtaking locations. While her practices lean toward more strength and toning, she provides the inspiration for students to push themselves a little further each time. I pop over to Boho Beautiful whenever I am looking to raise my yoga vibration.

3. Yoga with Kassandra

What I love about Kassandra is her abundance of focused 10-minute practices. She is my go-to when I feel like I don’t have time to hop on the mat.

4. Cat Meffan

Cat feels the most like a traditional in-studio yoga class. Her classes are challenging and well-rounded and are perfect for the days when I want to push myself a little harder.

5. Sarah Beth Yoga

I think Sarah Beth must be a Virgo (like me!) because the organization of her practices leaves me breathless. She offers practices of varying lengths and intensity and they each have a particular focus. She is exactly what I need when I know what I need. From hips to breath to posture, she has a practice for everything you might want to focus on.

Start your daily yoga practice from the comfort of your living room with one of these spectacular yogis today.



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