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August 24, 2021

The Trip to Knowwhere

A visitor to India: No judgment, just observation

Curious thing, watching an Occidental woman fall head over heels with a young Indian male shopkeeper. She, small and diminutive with a youthful presence belying sensuality.

Perhaps its the dark swarthiness or the ever present smile of they who prowl; in either case, sex is alive and well here in northern India, a burgeoning life repressed by Hindu tradition yet acted upon without restraint.
(The same cannot generally be said about females here, as they are protected and guarded by the male members of their families, unwilling to even cast a glance at anyone not of their race or cast, let alone from another country.)

To “dog” an Occidental female to attain sexual gratification seems part of the norm, yet I wonder if these young women will go about their journeys completely enraptured and fantasize about their momentary encounter, or see it for what it was to the mail they lusted after – a conquest or “notch” to him – and nothing more.

Witnessing an example of this here in MacLeod Ganj at a souvenir store, I decided to simply hang out and observe the interaction between the store employee and young woman.
Listening to the conversation, I discovered upon talking to the young man that he was from the local village, she ostensibly a tourist from farther East, both obviously in full hormonal overdrive.

The young woman left, but not before giving the young man her number on pretense of returning for more merchandise; I then ventured to querry the young man about the interchange I had witnessed.
Bashful at first, he began to open up to me about all the conquests he’s had with young women visitors to his shop, admitting that they are quite frequent.

Curious, I asked if he used any sort if protection when with them, he chuckling “No, that is part of the fun.”
I gathered that he actually had some deep seated disdain for the girls he was with, and if they became pregnant, who cares as he’d never see them again.


What is it about sex, other than what the Buddha taught about grasping?
We seek momentary pleasure then are upset when the feeling goes away, seeking ever more and more sensual moments of bliss, returning again and again like an addict to their needle or an alcoholic to the bottle.
Down and down we spiral until Dharma needs to teach us a lesson, sometimes at the cost of our health.

And we know better, or at least should..

Same goes with being bitten by the shopping bug, gathering every shiny trinket or pretty thing, or food to fulfill a need other than sustinence.
We feel an emptiness inside, that’s why we need to do these things, yet the Good Doctor has identified the disease and offered a cure which we simply refuse to accept.
In doing so you see, we must come face to face with who we actually are, and THAT scares the bejezzus out if most people.

At the Kalachakra, H.H. spoke of Vajra writings describing the union of the Daka and Dakini in some depth, making it obvious that this was one of, if not the single most powerful force available to we mear mortals, yet an energy that is constantly abused due to lack of understanding.

This is none other than fusion between the male and female energies, culminating in a powerful one-ness that transcends words.
Only once, long ago, have I experienced this energy, learning the tantric technique for withholding the Vital Seed, a method for working with core energies, prana if you will, to cycle throughout both bodies of the two in union.

I have wondered if that one experience spoiled me, becoming the underlying reason for a successive series of relationship failures, the overriding desire to hold out for That One, often at the sacrifice of said momentary pleasure.
Feels right..
In line with dharma.
Must be so.

Anyway, there’s no judgement on my half of either the two actors in the play I witnessed, save I guess a motivation to present a higher path that is indeed lovely, yet seems to garner the most glorious rewards.
Seen it.
Been there.
Have the T-shirt.

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