August 12, 2021

When the World goes to Hell…we have Two Choices.

Wildfires, heat waves, flooding, toxic air. Partisanship, lying, new variants rising with confusion around science and fact and what the right thing to do is.

So what do we do when the world goes to hell?

When we’ve caused it to go to hell, through our uncaring, our anger, our prejudice?


We are heading into tough times. As someone noted, “this is the hottest decade in history. But it’s also the coolest decade in the next 100 years.” ⁠

There will be two tendencies, as the climate breaks down: one, to be more selfish. Zillow our way to a “safe” place. But there is no away. ⁠

Two, to do our best to be of benefit, and turn this around. To go electric, to get out of the car more, to vote for those who take the climate crisis seriously, to advocate against fracking. ⁠

Be the second one. The first is natural, and okay—take care of humber one, first. But don’t dig in too deep. In Buddhism, there’s the notion of Sugata vs. Tathagata.⁠

It’s not enough to attain attain enlightenment, to cross from confusion to wisdom. We must do so with joy along the bumpy path. We must think of others, first. And others, of course, includes all of us, even…you and me. ⁠

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A poem.

When the world goes to hell…
cowards grow callous, selfish, craven, shameless.
You are not a coward.
Cowards do not feel fear—they avoid it.
Brave yet peaceful warriors feel fear, and walk through it.
Be willing to pay attention; do not retreat
Be willing to listen; do not ignore
and this open heart, it will hurt.
But it will grow brave instead of closing and growing cold.
But it will hurt.
Find succor in the woods
Find salve in the black bird perched on the gate
and rippling water where children splash.
Feel the hard rain after a hot summer’s day…
Breathe all of nature in and then return and give back that  breath in unceasing caring to the hell that is our world.
Then, the fearful fires of anger shall cool and good people shall reconnect & remember, thanks to those who serve.
My heart is open. Is yours?
Can you feel it? (edited) 

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Read 2 comments and reply

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