September 7, 2021

6 Members Who make Up your Soul Team.


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Many of us have heard of guardian angels, and some of us believe that we have one.

However, not everyone may know that we have a whole team of loving beings of light who guide us, communicate with us, support us, and love us regularly. Since there are no black-and-white rules with spirit, the types of beings truly can be endless.

Today, though, I am going to talk about the following six members who make up your soul team:

1. Spirit guides.

A spirit guide is a spiritual being meant to help guide you through life. You can have several that come and go depending on your life events (career, school, and family). You have at least one that is with you always since you came to be. Spirit guides have lived a physical life, which allows them to empathize with what we go through in this life.

2. Angels.

Angels share a similar role as spirit guides for us. You have a guardian angel to always lovingly protect and guide you. Other angels will come and go as you need them. Angels have not lived a life in the physical like your spirit guide. They can, however, show up in physical form when needed.

3. Ascended Masters.

Ascended masters are beings we know as Jesus, Buddha, and Rumi (to name a few). They have lived very few lives in the physical world because they are already spiritually advanced. The purpose of their physical lives was to help guide humanity. They are beings here to offer us guidance, wisdom, and love. They are there for all of us, regardless of what religion or culture we were brought up in.

4. Higher self.

Your higher self is that energetic part of you that remains on the other side in the spirit world. This isn’t too hard to grasp when you understand we are all energetic spiritual beings living in a physical world. You can access your higher self for wisdom and direction as needed because you are always connected.

5. Ancestors.

Our ancestors are those you have descended from. When they have your best interest at heart, they can be a substantial source of love and guidance. Turn to them for strength and support.

6. Source.

Source is the one who made all there is. Known by other names such as God or the divine, source is where everything started and came from. We came from Source’s loving energy, each with a divine spark within us. The source is love available to you, whether you realize you need it. It is ever-present, all-loving, and all-knowing.

This loving team of guidance and support is always by your side. They communicate with you through signs and your intuition. They will always send you love and never lead you astray. All you have to do is allow them. Because we have free will, we may choose to ignore the signs or those intuitive nudges. However, once you work with your soul team, life unfolds with love and support.


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