November 17, 2015

7 Easy Steps To Learn Your Angel’s Name.


Angels, guardian angels, archangels—these are all entities that want to help us live our most vibrant, successful and happy lives.

Throughout the many angelic connections I have done over the past several years, each person I have had the pleasure of working with has angels around them, whether they know it or not.

I have not once met with someone who didn’t, so it is safe to say we all have angels around us.

There are infinite signs our angels give us to let us know they are present in our lives. They give us acknowledgement, which leaves us wanting more. I have been there; I ask for a sign from my angels to let me know they are with me, I see a white feather perfectly placed in the most magical way, and my human ego is left wanting to know who it is from. Many times I am able to receive a name by simply sitting in silence, breathing deeply and asking.

I have grown to learn that the name of who is leaving you a sign doesn’t entirely matter. Angels don’t go around wearing name tags and calling on each other. That is part of our human experience.

If knowing your angel’s name is something that will help you grow your relationship with them, let them know that and they will give you a name.

If you are anything like me when I was first starting my angel journey, you want to know.

If you find yourself wanting to know who is leaving you signs, try this 7 step process:

1. Find an outdoor place you are drawn to, that is beautiful and that you absolutely love being in.

2. Be sure that you are wearing comfortable clothing, and that your body is free of heavy or tight items.

3. Position yourself comfortably so that you are connected to the earth. Perhaps place your bare feet on the dirt, or lie on the grass.

4. Close your eyes, and begin inhaling deeply, however feels good to you.

5. Envision yourself living your best life possible. Notice the feelings and senses that vision brings to you.

6. When you feel all of the senses of living your best life (this may take you 5 minutes, 20 minutes, or longer), ask your angel their name. You could do this aloud or silently in your heart.

7. Then, listen. You may get a name right away, and you may not. If you don’t, continue to pay attention for the next 24 hours, then repeat the exercise again the next day.

I did this myself six years ago for the first time, and I received the name Abril. It sounded more like Abe-rill. I questioned myself for several days, and I thought it was just my imagination. A week later I had a very vivid dream about this woman with curly red hair and long nails, who spoke with an accent like Reba McEntire’s. I loved her sass! In my dream, she told me her name was April.

I continued to repeat the exercise above, and the more I did it, the more answers I received.

I started to notice April calendar dates in the middle of winter. The western astrology sign for April, Taurus, kept appearing. I found myself consistently pulling the Spring card in my oracle deck. I also later learned the name Abril symbolizes spring, and also means April.

To this day I couldn’t tell you if my angel’s name is Abril, April, or Spring! I used to refer to her by name all of the time, and now I don’t. I realize it doesn’t really matter.

Angels are not human, they are angels! They are not consumed with things like names, appearance, and even gender, but they will entertain them because they know we do. They understand us better than we understand ourselves, and so our angels will speak to us in our language, the way we need to hear it.

Be patient, and trust.

If you are uncertain of your angel’s name, or feel that they aren’t coming through strongly enough, try asking them to speak louder and be more clear with their answer. In time, an answer will come.

I often times see clients wanting me to tell them the names of who is around them, and I encourage them to do this process. The best answers any of us will receive, will come through ourselves. Our relationships with our angels are all personal. They are like any other relationship in life. They will be much easier and more connected when we put in the effort, remain patient, and work for it.

We must nurture them to grow.


Have you been able to receive your angel’s name, and would like to share your journey? I’d love to hear! Please do share how here in the comments below, or share with my angel community on my Facebook page. If you are wanting to be more in touch with your angels, visit my website and download my 8 tools to tap into your inner wisdom (#6 is all about angel work). Love, light, and happy listening to you!




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Author: Gina Nicole Rossi 

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

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