September 28, 2021

Some Facts about Karma You Probably did not Know.


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Many times, while scrolling down on social media, I see posts like: “I won’t do anything, Karma will take care of it,” “Karma is a b*tch,” “Karma has your door’s number,” and so on.

My belief is that: karma is a b*tch, only if you are a b*tch. And yes, it has your door’s number as well!

This is not exactly the truth, but rather than blaming someone, it is better to explore the components of your relationship with this person and your shared incarnation paths. This helps you understand what brought you together and what led to the experience that you agreed upon and even shaped, whether you realize it or not.

Each level of healing can deepen and raise your awareness. Justice comes when we bring healing and balance to our stories and take our power back.

This happens on the energetic level. Then, it finds expression in our earthly life.

But let me explain it better to you.

The truth is that we have shaped the circumstances of what we experience in this life before we can even remember.

There was an unimaginable point in the beginning of creation when everything existed in God, in peace, and both light and darkness. In that state of being, we existed in unity and love with God and everything else that existed in Him.

The moment of separation, “the big bang,” is where we started to form our individual experience as souls. This was a gift of love from God because it was the only way we could experience ourselves in our individuality with our special qualities and characteristics.

However, that moment of separation was a traumatic experience for the majority of souls. Many misconceptions and illusions were formed about God as we perceive him today.

That was the moment when our collective karma started.

Light and darkness were in harmony and unity within the womb of God. There was neither good nor bad. This is a state that was actually created in the minds of the people.

Nevertheless, with the beginning of our individual experiences, these principles had to be expressed in creation and also their characteristics.

At some point in creation, the separation of light and darkness created a war, and the majority of souls took sides. For example, the tendency to fight darkness has its origin at this point. People who are manipulators, perverts, and abusers are people who are imbued with dark energies.

This doesn’t mean that their origin is darkness, but they certainly need healing to regain what they have already lost.

I can tell you something that may shock many people, but all of us have had experiences with light and darkness for many different reasons. In short, this means that we have been the good and the bad guy.

And if we still have some kind of darkness (heaviness) in our lives—just as we have light as well—it is because we have ties in both worlds. And to open your incarnation paths (transform your karma) is to free yourself from those ties and, mostly, the illusion that you created for yourself and let it form those experiences.

To return to your light is to return to love.

If people could grasp this truth and the true nature of God, then a great awakening would occur immediately. However, one day, we will all return to God. This is already predetermined.

So what is karma?

Karma is all our incarnation paths, the good and bad experiences we had one life after the other, after that moment of separation. Karma itself will pull us back one day to our redemption and the origin of our love before we separated from God.

The moment that we awaken, we start the path backwards, so let us begin to talk about karma:

When it comes to personal karma, we have the cycles of reincarnation and incarnation. There is a telling difference between those two.

Reincarnation happens when we follow the recurring circle of life and death as a flushing out of our karma. Incarnation is the soul’s choice to be born to assist in the evolution of humanity on Earth, which also involves a transformation of karma.

Beyond personal karma, there are two other kinds of karma that lie in-between and are interrelated.

These are the karma of the family we were born with, known as “family karma” which is related to our ancestors’ lines on both male and female side and the karma of the country in which we were born.

To give you some tips to work on these types of karma, you need people who are specialized with family constellation, family karma release, regressions, and so on. You need people who know how to do deep shadow work because the ancestors’ lines are a big reservoir.

And here’s a tip: it’s not enough to be able to lead someone back to time; you have to have the right spiritual alliances. Choose your healer carefully.

But, really, what is karma?

Karma is both our good and bad deeds. It is the manifestation of our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions in relation to ourselves and to others. We hold all of this as structures in our energetic bodies, and it manifests our human reality.

How does it work?

Each time we are born on Earth, according to our soul’s blueprint, we hold a certain amount of karma, which expresses as structures in our energy body and wisely unfolds our destiny.

However, we have the opportunity to transform these structures, and this is what is called “karma release and karma transformation.” When we transform these structures, our perception—or in other words the way we see ourselves and others as well as our feelings—changes; therefore, our reality changes, and consequently our environment changes.

The karma that has not yet manifested is stored in the super casual body.

For spiritual beginners and romantics, I am sorry to tell you, but karma transformation is gained through focused energetic work, and it takes discipleship. Hence, keep in mind that positive affirmations just don’t work in that case.

Karma is the path of soul evolution that goes through many layers of consciousness in the human experience in order for the soul to return to its original state one day, which is love, unchanged, unattached, radiant in its purity, and in the image of the creator.

In my belief, my personal experience, and my spiritual journey, I noticed that our choices—good or bad—are simply an experience for the soul, nothing more or less.

They are also the same in the eyes of God. His love for us is flawless and eternally unchanged, regardless of our actions. Good and evil are a concept of polarity, which is expressed in our individuality and our human experience.

Mother Earth is providing her body so we can make this experience here, for the sake of our personal and collective evolution.

We need to understand that what we face today is a result of a choice we made a long time ago. What we are experiencing in our daily lives is just an expression of our inner world, the deep waters of our subconscious, the realms of our soul, and the paths we choose to follow for of our personal redemption. Nothing and no one in our life is irrelevant to the karmic truth that we stand for.

When we take responsibility for that fundamental truth, we take the leadership of our life into our hands. And that is the most empowering thing that we can ever give ourselves. We immediately realize that we are the writer and the creator of our reality; therefore, it is up for us to change it any time.

The “victim” and “perpetrator” are roles we agreed to play and correspond to our internal reality, in other words, the reality of our active karmic stories with the person with whom we are experiencing a complex and difficult relationship.

The solution for this is regression or karma release, which is a way to release your relationship with the person on the karmic level. This will automatically change the moment we awaken into ourselves and take back the responsibility for ourselves.

What many people don’t know is that we are already in the golden age of humanity.

This means that transformation is happening faster and easier than ever before. If we choose to awaken to our light and become conscious creators, then we can transform our karma and live our soul’s true potential.

All we have to do is to take responsibility.

Because, at the end of the day, our life, our happiness, and our joy are our responsibility.

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