September 25, 2021

How to Deal with “Feeling it All” & Using our Empathy as a Superpower.


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I wrote an audio talk a few years ago on clearing and grounding.

In the talk, I expressed my fondness of Feist’s song “I Feel It All.”

Literally, I feel everyone’s “stuff,” and this is more intense in the personal domain. I know that I’m not alone in this, although we are a rare bunch.

The last few years have been more difficult with the pandemic, environmental disasters, political, and social-economic decline. There is a collective trauma that is rising!

The waves of pain and suffering are travelling fast, and the intuitive feel it all almost everywhere. Extrasensory gifts can feel like a blessing and a curse. Like all gifts, there are positive and negative aspects. Gifts of intuition and the sixth sense can be overwhelming on the best of days.

How can we view an extrasensory gift as a strength which can enhance our life?

This is, of course, a mindset and a skill in itself.

First, we need to understand energy and that everything is energy. The gifted intuitive picks up on everything like an antenna, and we don’t always need to make sense or hold on to what is made known or felt.

Second, the energetic waves come and go. We can be witness and observe these energetic waves like we do with our own thoughts and feelings. We can let things bounce off, and we can restore and protect our energetic boundaries.

What this means is that we can sense and feel without merging.

We need to be grounded and aware of our internal emotional landscape and thermostat.

Then, we can continue to ask ourselves the following:

1. Is this pain my own or does it belong to someone else?

2. Do I have some holes in my fence—my own boundary—that are cracks letting in energy that I don’t want or need?

3. Have I been exposed to too much interference from media, news, or the internet?

4. Am I tired and depleted?

5. Am I releasing the energy of others or am I holding on?

Self-care is essential, and grounding is more than walking barefoot. Self-care is like the air we breathe and cannot go without.

Unfortunately, no manual or course prepares or assists with intuitive gifts. There is no Hogwarts School for empaths.

We all are different, and we all learn and grow coming into these gifts at different times.

I do want to stress to all sweet healers that you are precious and much needed.

We all need to fill up our cup before we can pour for another, and the oxygen mask needs to go on frequently, even though the plane isn’t going down, because the intuitive “feels it all.”

Turn your empathy into a superpower and embrace and love yourself first.

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Read 11 comments and reply

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