November 16, 2017

Simple Grounding Tips for the Highly-Sensitive Among Us.

Just as we ground our electrical appliances to ensure the currents are safe and the energy is correctly routed and stable, we can also connect ourselves to the earth so that we can ground and safely stabilize our own personal electromagnetic energy field.

When we ground ourselves, we solidly root our energy to the earth so that our energetic body is stable and we don’t get carried away with what is going on around us. This is often spoken of as “being down to earth” and consists of firmly existing in our physical body, as well as stabilizing our mind.

When we are mindful, present, and fully aware of everything occurring, including our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and intentions, our minds will not float off and “detach” from our physical body.

One of the main reasons empaths sense and feel everything so intensely and become overwhelmed easily is because they are absorbing vast amounts of external energy without grounding or centering themselves.

Simple meditation and mindfulness exercises help keep us grounded. When our mind constantly shifts from the past to the future and back again, we can feel dizzy and lose sight of what is happening in the here and now. We may then become vulnerable to toxic energy seeping in and settling within our energy field. When we are present and grounded, it is almost impossible for external energy to negatively influence and affect us.

We can ground ourselves by working with the Schumann Resonance (SR), which is a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) section of Earth’s electromagnetic field.

Research carried out by Schumann and Herbert König determined that the frequency between the Earth’s surface and the inner edge of the ionosphere resonates at a main frequency of 7.83 Hz.

During further research, König discovered that the brain frequencies of the most advanced organisms on Earth are also approximately 7.83 Hz, which falls into rhythm with the Earth’s vibration. This is known as Harmonic Resonance. When we tune into Earth’s frequency, it is believed that we can ground, balance, heal, regenerate, replenish, repair, and rebuild ourselves as the Schumann Resonance acts like a natural tuning fork.

Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig carried out studies and discovered that technology drowns out the Earth’s natural signal, which is one of the reasons many people feel calmer and overall healthier when in natural environments compared to condensed city centers.

Ludwig also came across ancient teachings that explain that mankind needs two subtle environmental signals: the yang positive masculine signal from above (the ionosphere), and the yin negative feminine signal from below (the Earth’s crust) to achieve and maintain optimum health. If either of these are denied or out of balance, our health deteriorates rapidly.

The Earth provides a natural source of energy, so simply walking barefoot on it recharges and stabilizes the electrical charge of our physical and subtle bodies. Our immune system requires a healthy amount of electrons and the Earth’s surface provides these vital electrons in abundance.

Our feet are transmitters that absorb and discharge electrons through our skin. When we walk on the earth, we harmonize our electromagnetic energy so that it is vibrating at the same frequency as the earth’s surface.

A simple way to ground is through visualizing rooting to the earth. If we are able to stand outside with bare feet on fresh grass or earth, the overall effect will be far more rewarding. We can visualize that there are roots or cords coming out from both of our feet and also from our root chakra.

These cords dig into the ground and reach toward the center of the planet until they reach the heart of Mother Earth. As the cords bury down into the ground, they become highly charged with energy, and when they reach the heart-center, they re-energize and work their way back up and through us, infusing us with powerful waves of natural energy.

As we root ourselves to the ground, we can imagine we are flushing out all the negative energy we have stored. The earth neutralizes this energy, so we can release any toxic debris that has coagulated and caused blockages. We can flush out negativity through our root chakra. So that there is a continual flow running through us, we can visualize a fresh supply of vital energy entering through our crown chakra.

As we imagine the flushing system taking place, we will be energized from the roots, the sun, planets, and stars, and we can gain a supply of energy directly from the Earth’s center. In one process, we can flush out negative energy and recharge and replenish our systems with positive energy from the universe.

While grounding, we can also visualize a circle of light that exists around us, while making the outer layer a silver color to repel negative energy. The circle or bubble will help us safeguard our energy field from energetic harm so that it does not become infused with the toxic debris floating around the atmosphere.

As we close our eyes, we can focus attention on our breathing. When we breathe deeply, we inhale natural energy from the earth and feel it flow through each part of our body and up through our chakras. As we exhale, we can let go of any tension and negativity while releasing any excess emotions and dense energy that we have absorbed throughout the day.

When we open our eyes, we should feel calm, balanced, and lighter, as we have cleansed our aura and balanced and grounded ourselves to the earth. If not, we can repeat the process, inhaling and exhaling for a little longer, while visualizing cleansing our energy and firmly rooting ourselves to the ground.

This method keeps us harmonized using Earth’s natural healing energies so that we are stabilized and revitalized. If we practice next to plants or trees, the benefits will be heightened as the elements naturally absorb waste (carbon dioxide) and replace it with essential, vitalizing, primordial, fresh, and clean energy (oxygen).

A simple way to ground our energy can be achieved by sitting next to a tree. If we cannot get to a location where there is an actual tree, we can visualize one in our mind. We then imagine we are as stable, strong, and steady as the tree and root ourselves deep into the earth to stabilize and balance our energy and physical body.

Hematite is one of the best crystals for balancing and grounding, as it helps to keep our energetic vibration high along with keeping us grounded to the earth at the same time. It pulls excess energy down through the root chakra and into the earth. It also stabilizes any high-vibrational energy that may be around us if we have been working with high-energy crystals or if we have not been properly channeling energy through our chakras.

Water is also an essential tool for empaths, as it is a conductor for emotional energy and is naturally grounding. Water balances, calms, heals, cleanses, grounds, neutralizes, restores, and revitalizes us when we are feeling hypersensitive, overwhelmed, or at odds with the world or our self. This is why many empaths are water babies and have a longing to be next to the sea. Whether watching it, listening to it, or swimming in it, they often choose to meditate or sit near lakes for soothing, calming, and balancing influences.

Sea salt enhances the natural healing ability of water. When we add a cup of sea salt to our bathwater, we can cleanse the skin along with drawing out any negative entities that have attached to us during the day.

Our thoughts and feelings are believed to have a profound effect on physical reality and studies show how our vibrations are capable of affecting the molecular structure of water.

Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research found that when water is exposed to words such as “love and gratitude,” beautiful crystals are formed with complex and colorful snowflake patterns. Emoto also discovered that both music and the spoken word change the “expression” of water and when water is exposed to negative thoughts, it develops dull colors and asymmetrical patterns.

We can apply this same concept when drinking water. When we have poured a glass, we can hold the glass up to our heart-center and think about and feel positive emotions, then consciously radiate those vibrations out to the glass. While drinking the water, we can think thoughts associated with peace, joy, and love while expressing gratitude.

Placing bowls of water around the room helps to keep the atmosphere tranquil as the water absorbs subtle emotional energy. Small bowls of water balance our emotional states and tabletop water fountains keep the water continuously flowing and constantly in motion so that our personal energy is constantly clearing and recharging.

Another way to ground ourselves is to spend time in nature. When we are away from the hustle of our day-to-day lives, we will notice our senses becoming more alert as we tune into our surrounding environment. Our awareness of sights, smells, and sounds will instantly heighten, and we will feel fully present as we achieve total peace and harmony.

If we are not able to spend time outdoors, we can bring the outdoors in. We can surround ourselves with plants, crystals, nature-themed art, and we can place items around the room that were found on adventures, such as, feathers, pine cones, and rocks.

Using a full-spectrum light indoors gives the effect that we are outdoors as the radiating light replicates natural light. A full-spectrum light replicates a similar intensity and range of colors that natural daylight produces, so it covers the electromagnetic spectrum that is beneficial to many life forms including plants, animals, and humans.

These lights are used in some therapeutic practices, especially for those with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) as the light emulates natural sunlight. Full-spectrum lights are known to increase energy and enhance our overall well-being as bright light elevates serotonin levels, which is the hormone that is associated with mood regulation. The more serotonin that is released, the happier we will feel.

As we practice being fully present and grounded to Earth, we will notice that we deal with situations with a calmer, clearer, and more rational mind.

Empaths will always be vulnerable to toxic energies, which are capable of penetrating our own energy field and causing us harm, so it is essential to be constantly aware of how energy affects us. The more we integrate these simple methods and repeat them on a daily basis, the more protected we will be during times of need.




Author: Alex Myles
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