June 10, 2017

The Benefits of Walking Barefoot (& a Simple Ritual for Grounding).

Our ancient ancestors walked barefoot for thousands of years, and today it is still a primal instinct of mankind.

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In his book, Earthing, Mark Zucker explained how connecting our physical body to the flow of Earth’s electric energy creates an uplifting shift in our physiology that promotes healing and creates a deep sense of emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Zucker explains how it has been, “scientifically proven that walking barefoot harmonizes and stabilizes the body’s biological rhythms, reduces and eliminates pain and chronic inflammation, and promotes health, vitality, and a restful sleep.”

Barefoot walking is also believed to improve immune function, digestion, and blood circulation, heal injuries, and reduce inflammation, stress, anxiety, irritability, and electrosensitivity.

There are multiple pressure points and nerve endings on the soles of our feet, which do not receive stimulation when we wear shoes. The moment we take off our shoes, not only can we massage these pressure points, we instantly feel a sense of freedom and liberation from the expectations placed on us to conform to societal standards.

When walking barefoot, we pay close attention to the steps we are taking; therefore, our sensitivity increases as we become fully alert, present in the moment, and mindfully aware of where we are walking. We also notice and tend to absorb everything in our surroundings more.

It invites us to reconnect with Mother Nature and to remember that humans are the only species that opt to protect their feet with shoes. Therefore, walking barefoot returns us to our primordial nature and reminds us of our connection to all that exists on earth.

The earth provides a natural source of energy, and connecting with it recharges and stabilizes the electrical charge of our physical and energetic bodies.

Our body is made up of approximately 70 percent water, and when we are surrounded by natural elements, research has found that the cells in our entire body become more conductive and alive.

Our immune system requires a healthy amount of negatively charged ions that are found in natural environments, and the earth’s surface provides these vital electrons in abundance.

Our feet are transmitters that absorb and discharge electrons through our skin. When we walk barefoot, we harmonize our electromagnetic energy so that it vibrates at the same frequency as the earth’s surface. This is known to remove the electrosmog from our energetic body that has been absorbed due to being in close contact with a variety of electronic devices.

A simple way to ground ourselves is through visualizing rooting ourselves to Earth. This can be done anywhere, but if we stand with bare feet on fresh grass or earth, the overall effects will be far more noticeable and rewarding.

The perfect time to release negative charges is during a grounding ritual, as we are in a stable and harmonic energy state to safely channel energy.

We can do this by closing our eyes and focusing attention on our breathing. When we breathe deeply, we inhale natural energy from the Earth and will notice it flowing through each part of our body and up through our chakras. As we exhale, we can let go of any tension and negativity while releasing any excess emotions and dense energy that we have absorbed throughout the day.

We can then visualize that there are roots or cords extending from both of our feet and also from our root chakra.

We can then visualize these energetic cords digging into the ground and traveling toward the center of the planet until they reach the heart of Mother Earth. As the cords burrow down and into the ground, we can imagine them becoming highly charged with Earth’s energy. When they reach the heart center, they will be re-energized, working their way back up and through us, infusing us with powerful waves of natural energy.

When we root ourselves to the ground, we can also imagine flushing out any negative energy we may have stored. The Earth neutralizes this energy, so we can set an intention to release any toxic debris that has collated, and that may be causing energetic obstruction in our chakras and energy body.

We can visualize flushing the negativity down and out through our root chakra.

So that there is a continual flow running through us, we can visualize a fresh supply of vital energy entering through our crown chakra. As we imagine the flushing system proceeding, we will be energized from the roots, the sun, planets, and stars, and we can also gain a supply of energy direct from the Earth’s center.

In one process, we can flush out negative energy and recharge and replenish our systems with positive energy from universal sources.

When we open our eyes, we will likely feel calmer and energetically lighter, as we will have stimulated our pranic energy so that it freely flows and can cleanse our energy field, balance us, and ground us to earth.

This method keeps us harmonized simply by using Earth’s natural healing energies so that we feel stabilized, rejuvenated, and revitalized.

If we practice grounding next to plants or trees, the benefits are heightened as these elements naturally absorb waste (carbon dioxide) and replace it with essential, vitalizing, primordial, fresh, and clean energy (oxygen).

The majority of footwear is manufactured from materials that disconnect us from Earth. For those times that we are unable to walk barefoot, we can purchase “conductive sandals” that connect us to Earth’s energy so that we receive a limitless and balancing supply.

We can then rejuvenate, harmonize, and ground ourselves every time we are outdoors. These shoes are particularly beneficial while hiking or walking in natural environments.

Disclaimer: This article is for information only and is not to be used as medical advice or for curing sickness or ailments. Please always consult a medical or health professional for further information or in regard to personal health concerns.




Author: Alex Myles
Image: Flickr/Robert Ramirez
Editor: Travis May



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