June 23, 2015

10 Ways to Shift Negative Energy.


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I spent many years of my life in random bad moods.

They would come upon me out of nowhere and I would get that sinking feeling that somehow my happiness had just flitted away and I found myself not wanting to do anything or be around anyone.

Years later, after becoming a life coach and a Reiki Master, I have become familiar with personal energy. Not only mine but the energy of those around me. I became aware that my energy can be affected by the moods of others, but also that I was able to shift my energy to elevate my mood.

I found it helpful to have a list ready—sometimes when I would get caught in that negative energetic state, I couldn’t see beyond it and needed a reminder of the ways I could change what I was feeling within.

Here are some easy tips to help you do that for yourself.

And when you read them, dig a little deeper within and look for the specific ways each of these suggestions can work best for you.

1. Dance.

I get tremendous joy out of dancing, it automatically heightens my mood. But if you are not a dancer find your favorite ways to move your body. Take a walk, go running, work out, ride a bike. Figure out what mode of movement sends unfavorable energy on its way!

2. Spend time with the trees.

Have you ever simply stared at the wonder of a tree, with its roots buried safely within Mother Nature and its many beautiful branches reaching out into all that is? If that is not a connection you make try walking in the woods, lying in a green field, strolling through a flower garden or sitting on the beach. Find what grounds you and reconnects you to life force and beauty.

3. Check your inbox for inspiration.

I make a point to begin my day with readings from my favorite spiritual teachers and thought leaders. It’s easy to get on mailing lists—look for those that send you daily material to lift you up before you start your day.

4. Sing.

Sing even if you think you can’t. Singing just about anything immediately connects me to my inner passion. Or simply hum a tune. If you’re at work take a break and play your favorite song on your phone or watch a music video on YouTube. Find your way with tunes. Know what notes change you within!

5. Find new statements to make if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

Check in with yourself about what can be learned from any crisis you’re experiencing. Recite mantras that remind you of your own personal power, such as:

“Things seem to have a way of working out.”

“I know I am supported.”

“I know I am being guided.”

6. Call your best friend.

My best friend lets me vent and then has me laughing by the time I am done. Reach out to someone who you feel truly supports you. Sometimes that support and the feeling of someone being there for us can lessen the sting of whatever is happening at the time.

7. Think about what you can change about the situation.

We cannot control how others behave, but we are always in charge of how we respond to situations. If you are feeling bad, think of the personal choice you have in aligning with actions that make you feel better and that have the ability to remedy a situation.

8. Look for laughter.

I have never experienced a Caddyshack viewing that didn’t make me laugh—so throw on your favorite funny movie. Think about, write down or retell funny stories. Or call a friend that has a great sense of humor. You can even tell somebody a joke!

9. Meditate.

Even if only have five minutes to deep breathe, give your spirit pause and reconnect to your own inner peace. I no longer allow myself to use the excuse I don’t have time. The endless benefits of meditation cannot be ignored!

10. Have energy work done.

Anytime I have completed a Reiki session, whether I am giving or receiving it, I have felt at peace and balanced. Reiki is a wonderful way to clear out negative emotions. Pranic Healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Healing Touch or any method of choice can help remove energetic blocks. Or treat yourself to a massage!

It can be easy to underestimate the power of these simple steps when our energy is low and our thoughts are running away from us. But having a list handy when you feel a bad mood coming upon can easily and quickly shift energetic momentum in a different direction.

We have the power to change what is going on inside of us and keeping our energy clear is a gift to ourselves and to those around us!


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