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September 9, 2021

Gevan SamuelDéjà vu / Presque vu / Jamais vu, where are you?

Finding the needle of truth in a hay stack of lies

Where do we begin?

We dislodge from the womb, umbilical cords cut

Replaced by intangible chains which we grow into

Receiving inducements of mass anaesthesia

From our first exposures of outside pollutants and influences

We’re blinded by the elephants in the ring

As we pay to be entertained

By magicians and illusionists

Yet, we are taxed

To remain living in the greatest circus of them all

Politricks take on Broadway

Performed by maestros of persuasion

Taking captive our vision

Making Houdini look like a toddler in comparison

As we accept false security

By concrete words and languages of fraudulence and concealment

Once independent thinkers become co-dependent to viral ideas

Ideas which hold power to possess

Penetrating perceptions, perpetuating the pollination of propaganda

Once rebels turn to rubber

Overcome by compliance

Bartered with fear for rationality

They steal our senses with logical fallacies

Cloaked in white coats

Chaperoned by accents and eloquence of doublespeak

Architecting words to costume lies

Catch phrases into deceptive mantras

Which become harmful transducers

Shielded by degrees and master’s

Of illusion

Armoured by marketing campaigns of miseducation and misinformation

As we attend universities

To learn history in dilution and conform to their indoctrination

Schools of thought

Where we are taught

To be a resource to the system and not a liability

Becoming intellectual property

Placed in a box sold to us as ample opportunity

Restraining individuality and creativity

Learning what to see but not how to see

Learning what to think but not how to critically

With an unquestioning obedience and trust in authority

We’re taught the will to believe but not the will to doubt.

The malignant masked mass media

Marinate the masked masses maliciously

With waves of mass grief, mass disconnection and mass hysteria

Sponsored by big pharma; no wonder it’s called news programming

Social engineers incubate subliminal seeds

Inducing social dynamics, social shaping and social beliefs

Using socialites, symbolists and statistics in their social sham

To instigate social exclusion, social shame and stigmatization

To any dissidents

Synchronizing symptoms and syndromes of the nocebo effect

Shepherding sheep, separating goats

Straddling scapegoats through scape routes

Using pointed fingers of appointed leaders

Detouring truth seekers

Hindered by cyber space sweepers and sanitation workers

Those who blow whistles voices are slewed

Character slain and easily swayed as bobolees

A lure for swarming tongues, that lash like Christ on cross

Those out front, whom which cognizant

Turn a blind eye in complaisance

Swallowing a strep throat of guilt, genuinely doing wrong

Those who chose to live comfortably unaware

Stand near, to those most impressionable

Whose perceptions continue to be constrained

Our minds as porous as the placebic masks we wear

For fear, of matters sub-microscopic

In this mental epidemic

An aced first test of submission

We are continuously placed between closing walls

With outstretched arms of alms from above

Palms down

Deja vu   

Accompanied by voices of weight

Chanting predictions

Long term schemes, preached as predictions

Spells roll off their tongues with ease

Words of hypnosis, deceived as hypnotherapy

Assertions formed

Rewiring our dominant impulses and neuroplasticity

As mandates pass discreetly

While their legalized work of eugenics ensues quietly

Like a dog off leash yet steered by its nose

Puppeteers lead puppets to believe they’re musketeers

Along with their following peers

Voting but unable to choose

Given a sense of power in exchange for domesticity

In the land of technocracy, painted as democracy

Jamais vu

Some are called philanthropists

Wearing extended sleeves of charity tricks

Pants of multiple pockets

Filled with scientists of immorality

Companies of vast influence and control of human necessities

Residing in their cryptic communities secured by money and Gates

W H.O are the beneficiaries of these calamities

W.H O we continue to put trust into

W H.O maintain their conflicts of interests

Herded in fear by these social elites

They set off implosions we never knew were planted in our minds

Provocative triggers embedded in our genes

Pulled to distract, divide and rule

Pandemonium stumbles into their laps like crumbs

While they feast on controlled chaos

Knocking hunger temporarily from their obese egos

They give, to take

Confuse, to defuse

Cause destitution, to present a solution

While their cabals come to fruition

Hitler and Stalin turn in their graves in awe and envy

Witnessing one of the broadest propaganda schemes in history

We throw scorn like bricks at the regimented east from our faux houses

As we continue to manoeuvre

Blinded by pride within this polluted hemisphere

Polluted skies by spies

Flocks of drones which multiply

Eyeing us like prey; earing us like prey

As we thirst from poisonous pipes

Feast on toxic foods and become addicts to distraction

Choose your concoction

We are magnets to pathogens of perception

Gaining more years yet unconsciously dying longer

Overcome by the obligation of convenience

Walking in oblivion

Buying dreams while giving away the wrong currency

What is wealth without soul?

Fallen prey, enslaved by chains that glimmer

Shackles that shine

Granting censorship of the mind

We’re all sheep and all think we’re the black one

Yet, too reluctant to step away

From the comfort of the flock and emotional reinforcement we receive

From shared and unchallenged ideas

Our egos too immense to tease with the idea

Of a hijacked consciousness

Too much possible emotional turmoil to address

Some have begun to awaken from this global anaesthesia

Yet, can only peel off one layer; the most dangerous of us

A WOKE n from one dream within another

Still groggy, as we continue to be inducted through technology

Presque vu

Our pocket sized prosthetics work in reverse

Keeping us in paralysis

While giving us a sense of motion

We are soaked us with information

Swell headed with knowledge

Yet, deflated by wisdom

So much so we confuse movement with progress

We’re made docile

Through the semblance of freedom of speech, expression and choice

What significance is freedom of speech without freedom of thought?

Is your train of thought on the right track?

Are you on the right track on the wrong train?

Has your train of thought been derailed from the tracks engineered by another?

A blessing

Are you the engineer behind your train’s tracks or do you prefer to fly your thoughts to overstand?

We’re in a war against and above us and none are more hopelessly enslaved

Than those who falsely believe they are free

The gate keepers are the viruses of humanity whom we carry

Who depend on us to keep their circus running through herd mentality

When we conform to something we don’t believe in

Not long enough, we become that belief

So be courageous because it can be infectious

Especially in a herd full of fear.

Gevan Samuel.

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